Below is a recent testimonial that I would like to share with you.  While Erica raves about emu oil for herself and her family, I have also included a couple of emu stories involving pet cats. As I have often mentioned, our Australian rendered, unrefined emu oil is unsurpassed.  

“My sister first heard about your company at a trade show in Toronto. She has always suffered from terrible eczema, and had come home with your Emu Oil, which she swore has worked wonders for her skin since her purchase. I do not suffer from eczema, however, have battled cystic acne my whole life, which has persisted into my adulthood. I have tried everything. The creams, lotions, oils, and pills that I have tried over the years would surely shock you! After my sister had so much success with the Emu Oil, she recommended it to my mother and I. My mother suffers from rosacea. We are fair (blonde hair, pale skin), and between the three of us we seem to cover all skin ailments. I too have now become addicted to your Emu Oil. My skin is looking better than it has in years, thanks to your wonderful product. I have recently re-stocked my emu oil, and purchased the Acne Oil (skin manager), as well as the Spoil Me Body oil as well.

Thank you for your dedication to natural, safe, and effective skin care that has truly worked wonders on my family."  Erica, Toronto

A few years ago, I remember my new little kitten was running around exploring.  Before I could save him, he hopped up onto our hot wood stove.  Like the scared cats in Halloween movies he arched his back into the air, screeching in pain.  I applied emu oil to his wee hurt footpads and he immediately calmed down.

A customer showed me a troubling photo of her sad cat that had recently reacted to the medicine injected for a tooth cleaning procedure at the vet.  The cat went into hysteria, crying in discomfort and proceeded over the next while to loose most of his hair.  She said he was beyond miserable and asked if perhaps we had any natural cream or other product that might help him.  As emu oil is so perfectly pure and safe, I suggested it. She retuned the next day, ecstatic.  As soon as she applied the emu oil, the cat had calmed and eventually even started purring. 

If you do decide to try emu, know that the colour and texture can vary from batch to batch.  You may purchase a small bottle and the oil is a bright yellow and the next time you purchase, it is a little more of a creamy yellow.  The quality is not affected and these differences simply have to do with nature being itself.    

A truly natural product has a shelf life.  Makes sense. Emu oil is particularly fragile and is best kept cool, meaning refrigerated.  Some people tell me their bathrooms are colder in winter and the small 30 ml bottle of emu oil is fine. 

We use emu oil everywhere, for everything.

Our emu stories are extensive and if you choose to use emu oil for yourself, for anything and everything, please do share the miraculous results. And be reminded, your furry friends can benefit too.  Emu always wins the GOLD!