Did you ever wonder why you burst into song while in the shower? 

Could be a shower, or a waterfall. Similar concept. Here’s why we sing. It is comforting to step into a relatively secure, comfy space and be able to shut out the world.

Naked and safely enclosed in the bathroom, alone, unencumbered.  The perfect setting to burst into song.  The warm shower water has a rhythm of its own. It feels wonderfully relaxing as it cleanses the stresses away.  It makes you feel good and singing makes you feel even better.  No one is there to judge your voice, criticise your song choice or make you feel self- conscious.  It is a comfort zone unlike no other.  When you relax your brain releases dopamine.  This released chemical in turn triggers the creative juices, so belting out a song gives instant pleasure. Problems and stresses flee the body.

Surrounded by bathroom tiles which do not absorb the sounds, your voice can bounce back and forth before fading away, creating the perfect sound system.  The small space gives the voice a boost, adding the bass and power. Your imagination soars: You may be lead singer in a rock band, or driving a convertible on a winding ocean highway, or perhaps you are Julie Andrews dancing on mountaintop singing The Hills are Alive in the Sound of Music. Whatever your fantasy, it can become reality in the shower.

Singing while charcoal soaping is a given. Follow up with the apple cider vinegar rinse and you have a perfect Supremes trio. The Charcoal Clay Soap has the power of a worry stone, absorbing tensions and cleansing at the same time.  Black, smooth, tactile, sensual.  Head to toe.  The hair is left silky, shiny, healthy. The scalp and skin are detoxified and nourished. No chemicals.  Our soap: charcoal, clay, and tulsi (Holy basil) accompanied by castor oil and organic coconut. Harmony.
The Apple Cider Vinegar Hair Rinse is the finale. Nourishing on the skin, designed for the hair and scalp, it restores the PH, disinfects and keeps the hair and skin in pristine condition. Containing parsley, rosemary and sage: Simon and Garfunkle would be proud of your choice.

No wonder you sing.