If 2019 calls you to move forward with the resolution to live a more natural lifestyle then these tips and tricks are for you! I will not go on and on about how toxic chemicals are bad for your mind, body and soul. You hear about that enough already! Let's focus on making choices that will propel us forward into the natural realm of health, well-being, energy and vitality.

Tips and Tricks

Make a habit to read every ingredient listed when scoping out products. You'd be surprised how tricky companies can be. If you cannot pronounce something, toss it. If the ingredient list is quite long, you can pretty much guarantee it's full of undesirables.

1 Cosmetic World

Eliminating toxins from your bath, body, perfume, make-up, etc... may seem daunting at first, especially if you have a huge collection. Decide what you cannot live without and replace it with a natural variation. If expenses are an issue, just start with one thing! Over time, your collection will shift from chemical to natural! Perfumes are quite toxic, so use essential oils or natural fragrance instead.

2 Cleaning Products

KITCHEN & BATH: You really don't need a huge variety of products to clean with. I use a natural spray for bathroom, kitchen and floors, or I make my own with water, white vinegar and Lavender or Frankincense essential oil.
DISHES: Natural dish soap is easy to find, and well-priced. BTW, our Shampoo bars works really well on dishes!
DUSTING: I just use a damp cloth with warm water! If you must disinfect use our All Purpose Sanitizer or the Linen Spray with additional essential oils if desired. Never use toxic disinfectants.
LAUNDRY: Also easy enough to find natural alternatives. If it smells strong, it is toxic for you! Natural Shampoo bars scrub out pesky stains on clothing.

3 No More Fake Food!

Eat whole foods. Don't worry about the new fads out there. They switch diets and claims just to confuse us. Again, it is important to read every ingredient. If you cannot pronounce something, make sure you check it out. 

4 No More 'Fad' Dieting

Dieting can be a yo-yo game!  If you wish to diet, stay with the ones that can work. Less sugar and smaller portions can be best, along with exercise. There are professionals who can help, but unless your weight situation is a health concern, do not become obsessed with being the media model. Love yourself.

5 Hold your breathe

Once you eliminate toxic products from your lifestyle, you will notice that you will become more sensitive to them. This is a good thing! You may even need to hold your breath when passing the cleaning isle in the grocery store. It becomes THAT strong.

7 Unplug

Get outside. Spend time in nature and unplug your TV, computer, cell phone, video games, Netflix, and all 'smart' things. Just take a break and see how much better you feel. Happy 2019!


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