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Sometimes two products work so well together it is shame to keep them apart.  Such is our emu neem soap and our organic rosewater facial toner.  A clean. A fresh. Our emu neem soap was one of the first products we made back in the early part of this century!

We had just discovered emu oil and its phenomenal properties and were determined to make a healthy soap alternative to what was the common and popular liquid soaps on the market.  It was a ‘going back to the basics idea’ which is, of course, becoming more and more attractive to many. Laura was one of our first customers to try the soap.

We first met Laura around the time of its launching.  She has continued to buy from us and eventually started working small markets.  This summer Laura will be helping out at the Ste Anne’s market and is most excited to share her stories with you. You can also meet her on occasion at the shop here in Valois where we are most excited to have her aboard. I asked Laura if she could write to you about her favourite products and how she was first introduced to Earth to Body. 

"One of my all-time favorite Earth to Body products is Emu Neem Soap. When I was younger I had a lot of acne that came with large boils that formed on my chin. For me being a woman, to feel confident my face and my hair have to look good. I was so embarrassed for so long with my skin. Thankfully, I was introduced to Emu Neem Soap and was at first skeptical about this Emu oil thing. But with all natural and healing ingredients, a little bit of oatmeal thrown into the mix to exfoliate and the lovely scent of patchouli, I fell in love! My boils cleared up and to this day everyone asks me how my skin looks so young and healthy. I’ve never looked back! Another favorite of mine is Earth to Body Facial Toner. Darn, I spray that everywhere! I love the gentle smell of rosewater and orange flower. It is so refreshing, soothing and calming all in one. It is also great for middle age hot flashes! " Laura F. Dorval

Eventually Laura branched out and tried the neem salve, the X cream, the skin care moisturizer.  But it is the combo soap and toner that sell so well together. The toner not only cleans (the incredible rosewater at work) but it also freshens and nourishes the skin.  We have had many comments as to how this combo has changed the skin from dry and acne prone to soft and clear.

If you prefer a vegan soap version, without the emu oil, we have its cousin in the argan tamanu soap, same recipe with slight variations. Either combo is worth the listen!