120 ml


* Contains organic rosewater instead of the common alcohol used in most commercial toners
* Uplifting fresh scent organic rose, lavender, sweet orange
* Refreshing, cleansing, nourishing, clarifying
* Especially nourishing on acne, rosacea prone skin
* All natural.  All ages.  All skins.

How to Use:

* Daily: As a skin toner/freshener.  Deliciously nutritious on face. Excellent for acne control
* Removes make-up. Spritz and use a cotton ball to remove makeup
* Removes clay-neem facial mask: Spritz on facial mask once dry to help remove the clay
* Spritz as needed to freshen.  Excellent if needing to ‘cool down’
* Best used daily or in 3-6 months, or kept in fridge up to a year


* An excellent addition to our Skin Management Program.   Many people enjoy cleaning first, sprtitizing with the toner and then moisturizing.
* Can be used as a deodorant. 
* Takes a few spritz’s to get the pump started
* Store in fridge for a cool freshening on a hot summer day!

Storage and travel:

*Travels well.  For air travel, place in a baggie dues to extreme weather changes



All ingredients for this product

  • Distilled Water,
  • Rosewater,
  • Orange flower water,
  • Vitamin C,
  • Lavender,
  • Sweet Orange,
  • Lemon,
  • Lemonseed Extract

Distilled water has virtually all of its impurities removed through distillation. Distillation involves boiling the water and then condensing the steam into a clean container, leaving nearly all of the solid contaminants behind. Distillation produces very pure water.

Rosewater (rosa centifolia) balances the skin’s natural PH level, increasing the tone and firmness of the tissues. Rosewater is excellent as a facial wash and toner. It has been used as a gentle astringent for hundreds of years. It is excellent for dry, sensitive skin and has a hydrating rather than a drying effect. 

Orange flower water (citrus aurantium amara) is an excellent toner for dry, mature skin. It  tones, freshens, soothes and cools. 

Vitamin C (ascorbic acid) has wonderful anti-aging properties. It possesses properties required for the bio-synthesis of collagen, thus improving skin tone, firmness and elasticity. It has the ability to reduce the appearance of brown pigment, melanin, to a colorless substance. As an antioxidant, it neutralizes free radicals caused by sun exposure and other environmental insults. 

Lavender (lavendula augustofolia) essential oil has a sweet, crisp scent. It tones, hydrates and freshens. Lavender is beneficial for all skin types, particularly oily  and sensitive skin. 

Sweet Orange (citrus aurantium dulcis) essential oil has strong cleansing properties. The acid content in the sweet orange essential oil gently dissolves grease and dirt buildup. It is beneficial and soothing to dry irritated skin. Excellent for aging or rough skin. 

Lemon (citrus medica limonium) essential oil has a clean, refreshing and uplifting scent. Lemon will purify the skin by removing dirt thus leaving the skin feeling invigorated.

Lemonseed Extract (citrus medica limonum) is a bio-citrus extract used as our natural preservative.


Jenny F.

I wanted to thank you for spending so much time with me on the telephone about your great products back in the summer. I love all the products that I had ordered and received. The item that I am the most impressed with is your facial toner. I have NEVER found any toner to work so well to tone and tighten my pores, especially on my nose. I have tried numerous products over the years and nothing even compares to the amazing results I have received from your toner. Even my esthetician noticed that my skin looked clearer and more toned. It smells so nice, is very grounding and is so effective with no harsh ingredients! Yes please go ahead and include my comments on your website if you wish.

Cornwall, ON

My sister suggested that my teenage son try the mist on his acne prone skin. When she read about the natural ingredients she explained that it would definitely help cleanse and tonify the skin. My toner suddenly disappeared and so did my son’s acne!”

Nanaimo, BC

I love Earth To Body’s facial toner. I bought one 4 months ago, use it twice a day and I still have some left. It is a great buy and my skin welcomes it!”

Kamloops, BC 

A gentle scent and incredibly refreshing! I can feel it cleaning my skin.”

Holly Tyszka
Verified purchase

After I turned 30, my once blemish free skin became overwhelmed with constant acne. I have spent years changing up my beauty routine, looking for a solution. After reading the reviews stating it helped others with their acne I decided to give the toner a try. Let's say, I was thrilled with the results! Within a week, I noticed a huge difference in my skin, and waved the blemishes good-bye! This is now a staple product for me. 

Thank you, Holly.

Vanessa, Florida

I have been using your products for 7+ years since discovering you at The One of a Kind show in Toronto. Now that I've relocated to Florida, I am still directing people here to your products. Thank you for for making the best and purest skin care.

Customers do love our alcohol free toner.  Thank you, Vanessa

Holly, Chemaiuns, BC
Verified purchase

I started out using a Thayers toner spray but had some reservations about the ingredients, couldn't pronounce half of them and I just was not comfortable with some of them. So I tried the Facial toner from Earth to Body and I just love it. I can pronounce all the ingredients and they are all familiar to me. Smells divine and my face loves it too.

So glad you and your skin love the toner, Holly. Thank you!

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