This is not the first time we have introduced you to Amla (Amazing Amla).  Grown in autumn in the chilly wet hills of India, this fruit, aka Indian Gooseberry is a nutritional goldmine. Considered a sacred fruit in India, it is consumed for a wide variety of health benefits, helping to build up the body’s defence mechanisms. While cherished as juice, in jams and chutneys, sauces and candy, it is also renowned in skin care and hair care. When we discovered this attribute, we added it to our shampoo/soap bar ESP for both hair and the body.  Cleansing with our ESP shampoo soap bar, one of ‘Extraordinary Soap Performance’, the entire body benefits.  The amazing amla is a contributing factor.

Our ESP shampoo bar is one of our top soap sellers.  People order 10 or 20 at a time, stocking up for the year and or sharing with family members.

Full of antioxidants, the pollutant fighters, vitamin C, and minerals. amla helps repair the skin, tighten pores, reduce wrinkles, acne, dry or irritated skin.  In a shampoo, amla helps to fight the grey, reduce hair loss, x, condition, add shine and health to the hair. Amla reduces the frizzes and helps repair split ends. Hair is softer and thicker. Dandruff and itching are reduced. Amla is a natural cleanser and treats both oily or dry skin, depending on individual needs.

People consume the amla fruit or drink its juices.  Adding the oil or powder to a skin care product is a part of the history of India. The fruit is sacred. Amal is just one of the unique nutrients in our ESP bar.  Along with emu oil, jojoba, kukui, sandalwood and more, this nutritious bar is unparalled.

Testimonials on our ESP bar 

“I have tried so many awful smelling medicinal shampoos for my psoriasis over the years. Some helped and some made it worse but they all made my hair greasy and dirty looking. The ESP shampoo bar has helped my scalp so much and it leaves my hair looking great and so soft. I don’t even need conditioner when I use it. Thanks so much!” Connie

“This is the best shampoo for psoriasis! It really helps and I’ve noticed new hair growing!!! I will purchase this for life! Please don’t ever stop making this!“ Kate, Toronto

If you plan on going natural, remember that shampoo bars can be challenging for some. They do make suds but very little are needed to do the job. Patience and practice may be required. Spoil yourself. A gourmet meal for the hair and skin. Our ESP bar with AMLA