Feet tired and sore and odourful after a long day in work boots.
Achy bones, feeling sluggish, must persevere.
Fingers splintered from stacking logs. Should have worn gloves.
Arthritis flaring. Hands swelling. Knuckles screaming.
Alligator skin. Itchy, scaly. Wishing I could vaycay in Cuba.
Racquetball game. Injured knee. I feel old.
Stressful bad boss day. Coworker wearing too much perfume.
Teaching elementary. Needing to build up resistance to cold and flu season.
Bedraggled. Tired. Not up to par. Need ‘me’ time.

Draw me a bath! SVP

Whatever your situation is, we all need more time for ourselves to de-stress.

Stress is the leading cause of illness. Anxiety, worry, fear, panic. Our mind and body are like a well. When our well runs dry, we no longer function at optimal level and eventually break down. The only way to fill our well is to take care of ourselves first. We cannot help anybody else if our well is empty. So...


Taking care of ourselves is not in our nature, so it's no wonder we cannot find the time, we don't make it priority. We are accustomed to go out of our way to do everything for everybody else and prove ourselves capable and worthy. But, the only way to heal, rebalance, get the chi flowing and release toxins, is to distress.


Salt waters rid the body of toxins while replenishing minerals. Your whole body relaxes submerged in buoyant heat, and stress melts away... well, a little bit at least!
Whatever ways to fill your well, do it more. Whether it's a jog, a nap, being in nature or jumping in the ocean, do it as often as you can. Make it priority. It will not only benefit you and your health, in turn, your well will be fuller, expanding outwards to share with others.

Earth to Body's recommendations for a hot replenishing bath are...

Dead Sea Salt Spa
Clay Neem
Essential Oils