A southern duo. Sheamu and you. To travel south without your sheamu is like venturing into an arctic storm without a hooded parka. Not a wise decision. The hot can often be as equally challenging as the cold. Snowbirds know to go prepared.

The sun takes its toll. Protection is key. Individually, the Shea, native African and the unrefined Emu, native Australian, are both unchallenged. Centuries old and centuries worshipped. We introduced them to each other and christened the blend,  ‘Sheamu Butter’.

I am not a snowbird (yet), but I was fortunate enough to have a holiday in Cuba. While my husband ventured on his daily Oceanside amble, I opted to spoil myself with a beach massage. Cabana on the sand, palm trees swaying, Latin jazz accompanying the gentle lapping of the ocean waves, my Sheamu in hand. 

Unfortunately, my Spanish is minimal and I had no idea how to ask, “Please apply my own butter for the massage.” I pointed to the commercial lotion perched at the side of the massage table, shaking my head. While the lotion smelled wonderful, I knew it would be chemical laden and I preferred not to indulge. Hand gestures, body language, smiles and many ‘gracias’ later, I felt the masseuse understood. I lie down, towel over bathing suit, preparing for the retreat. The loud pop of the lotion bottle lid exploding in the warm breeze stirred me upright! 

“No, no senorita. Por favor. “ I pointed again to my butter and gesturing once more how to melt it between the palms and massage onto the skin. “No lotion. No lotion por favor “ as I gesticulated towards her supply, then back to the Sheamu. “Para mi,  lo entiendes? She smiled ‘si si.’

Magic hands and fingers gently kneaded, pressed, rubbed and smoothed my body. At the end, my masseuse smiled and held out her hands, then clutched them lovingly to her chest. Her way of saying thank you, I enjoyed the massage too.  

It is not the first time that masseurs and masseuses have given accolades to our Sheamu Butter as a massage medium. As a gift to my Cuban magic worker, I left her our Sheamu. 

If you are a snowbird, travel with Sheamu*. Moisturizing, healing, succulent, nourishing, magic.  

Abbott and Costello. Cheech and Chong. Will and Grace. Famous duos. Inseparable. Sheamu and Snowbird.  Go for it.

*(If you are vegan or vegetarian, choose to travel south with our Shargan Butter.)