220 ml



* Contains unique blend of organically grown shea butter and unrefined emu oil
* Reduces appearances of wrinkles, scars and stretch marks
* A rich body butter to combat weather toll on dry skin.
* A perfect massage treatment
* Excellent on damaged, dry, cracked hands or feet, rough, itchy skin
* Conditions and treats hair and scalp
* All over. All ages. All skin. All beautiful

Our co-op shea butter source

How to Use:
* Due to our Sheamu Butter's natural, unrefined texture, it may be necessary to melt the butter between the palms of the hands to dissolve the tiny granules.  Melt until a butter like consistency and use as an all over body mositurizer
* Can be inserted directly into foot cracks.  A sock helps.  Leave on overnight
* As a hair conditioner: Melt a very small amount in palms of hands and run through hair  
* As a hair and scalp treatment: Work Sheamu butter through hair and into scalp.  Leave on several hours or overnight.  Wash out
* As a massage treatment: Our butter has the perfect glide desired for massage.  Relaxes  sore muscles
* As a belly butter : Massage onto pregnant belly as often as desired. 
* Use as often as needed. If you use natural soaps and no other chemically drying products, once or twice a week should be sufficient


* Shea butter has a nutty smell, indicating its unprocessed, natural quality. With the emu oil addition, we have created a blend like no other 
* If you prefer an essential oil scent, add a drop or two of your favourite oil to your sheamu before applying
* If you prefer vegan, choose the Shargan Butter

Storage and travel:

* Room temperature usage. Most people use up within 6-7 months.  Some can be removed into a smaller container, if desired.  Keep the rest in fridge until needed.
* A perfect gift for travel, especially warm and sunny vacations

If you have a skin condition like acne, eczema, or psoriasis it is best to consult a health care professional. Your naturopath can help you understand the importance of avoiding chemicals and synthetics in both food consumption and body care.

All ingredients for this product

  • Shea Butter,
  • Emu Oil,
  • Lemonseed Extract

Shea Butter (butyrosperum parkii) comes from the shea nut, found inside the fruit of the Karite (Shea) tree. Our fair trade, unrefined organically grown Shea is from a co-operative in Burkina Faso, (near Guinea). After the shea fruit is harvested, the shea nuts are extracted without the use of chemicals, dried, then processed into shea butter. Shea Butter and can take up to 30 years to bear a quality crop of nuts with a high content of irremovable fatty acid. It is this irremovable fatty acid that gives Shea Butter its unique soothing and skin rejuvenating properties. Shea butter also contains vitamins A & E. There are neither preservatives nor coloring agents added, and like all natural shea it has that beautiful, characteristic nutty scent. Unrefined shea butter is a very versatile active ingredient for skin and hair care products, and has excellent anti-aging, soothing and moisturizing properties.

Shea butter provides natural protection, although the level of protection is extremely variable, ranging from none at all to approximately SPF 4-6 . Sun-sensitive persons should not rely solely on shea butter for protection. Shea butter absorbs rapidly into the skin without leaving a greasy feeling. 

Emu Oil has been used for thousands of years by the Aborigines of Australia. We use unrefined, natural emu oil that has not been boiled or clay filtered. Scientific studies have verified that Emu oil has unique soothing and cosmetic properties. Emu oil is often referred to as ‘liquid gold’ and nature’s ‘perfect emollient.’ This complex oil is non-toxic, Emu oil’s diverse benefits are being discovered and investigated worldwide. It is phenomenal in its moisturizing, hydrating and soothing properties. See Earth To Body’s Emu Oil for all its skin wonders! 

Lemonseed Extract (citrus medica limonum) is a bio-citrus extract used as our natural preservative. 


K.S.  Wainfleet, ON

I just wanted to take some time to thank you for helping to make my feet look normal again. I had an amazing experience with your sheamu butter product that I purchased at the Marshville Heritage Festival in Wainfleet earlier this month. I work on boats so my feet are constantly wet. My heels started to crack so bad that they were starting to open up. The day that I went to the Marshville Festival with my mom she actually had to bandage my feet because they were so bad that I had a limp when I walked. One of your staff was so wonderful and suggested we try the sheamu butter. By day 2 of using it, I was already starting to notice it healing, and I didn't have to limp anymore. I use a little bit of this butter on the heels of my feet every day and the change is incredible how much it has helped. I have been suggesting this product to everyone I come across that has had the same problem as me. Big thank you to your team.

Gail, Brantford, ON 2011

I absolutely have gone bonkers over your Sheamu butter. I had had just shea butter before and couldn't get it to rub into my skin no matter what I tried. With the emu mixed in with it, it goes on so easy and is quickly absorbed.

Christina Switzer

I am currently 5 months pregnant and have been using the Sheamu Butter on my belly since I was 2 months along. I will put it on before I go to bed and you can still feel it working in the morning. I love it!

Sudbury, ON

I am undergoing chemotherapy and my skin is unbelievably dry. I met you at a craft show and you suggested I try your sheamu butter as it spreads far, is excellent all over the body, and that I would benefit from both the emu and the shea. You would not believe the difference in my skin. My oncologist is so amazed she is recommending it to her patients. Thank you making such a pure natural product.

DH, Vermont

I order your Sheamu Butter all the time and I notice that it can vary from batch to batch. I did what you suggested and really played with it in the jar until it was super creamy (like mashed potatoes!). I had to hold it a bit longer in my palms to melt but once it was melted it spreads beautifully. It is worth the effort and the results are fantastic. My skin is never dry.

Jodi Edwards
Verified purchase

I know it should be impossible but your Sheamu Butter is removing my stretch marks!! Love it!

Thank you, Jodi!

Kathlynn from Ottawa

I have been using this butter as well as the shargan butter before I go swimming. It is the perfect solution to not absorbing the toxic chlorine from the water in the pool. I spread it all over my body. It creates a barrier to the absorption of the chlorine. Before discovering that I could use it this way, I would smell chlorine on my body for a week after swimming. I am grateful to have such wonderful products! Thanks.

Thank you for adding to our knowledge about this butter. It is one of our most popular products to protect and nourish.

Lesley Toronto

I absolutely love this product. As a weight lifter with hemorrhoids that only come back due to my work outs, I apply a dollop of this product on my hemorrhoid both overnight & after showers or swimming. It controls the swelling & itch like NO OTHER PRODUCT EVER!!! It has successfully replaced all other products that did NOTHING! And it works beautifully in all other parts of your body.

The unrefined emu and organically gown unrefined shea are at their highest in nutrition, as you have discovered. Thank you for sharing, Lesley.

Elizabeth, H. ON

10 years ago I had to have a surgery on my thumb. The only cream that I was applying on the incision was your Sheamu butter. The wound healed amazingly fast and now you cannot even see the scar on my hand. 

The combination of emu and shea is truly a remarkable blend. Thank you for sharing, Elizabeth.

Amy in London ON

This is THE ONLY PRODUCT I'VE EVER FOUND that my viciously dry, sensitive skin actually likes in the winter! And the people at Earth to Body are wonderful--I got a defective tin in my last order that I couldn't open, and they immediately both replied to my email and dropped a new tin in the mail for me, free. A great business with wonderful products.

Thank you, Amy...so glad you love the Sheamu!

Lisa, Muskoka, ON

"Love, love, love the Sheamu Butter! This tub of amazingness will last you for ages and corrects the balance of your skin and protects it from the harsh but necessary hand sanitizers. Night time application is the best because you can slather it everywhere and wake up to beautiful, soft and nourished skin. Oh - and great for preventing stretch marks! Rub that butter all over to allow your skin to bounce back from any tightness you are experiencing."

So glad you love the butter, Lisa. Thank you.


We love Sheamu Butter -- before and after sun; winter use keeps all dry skin and eczema away. The only solution for my drying eye lids!

Yes, our Sheamu is an all season wonder. Thank you, Olga.

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