swoosh the counter wipe the dish
sparkly clean a fairy wish
spriz lavender wash sweet inhale
add baking soda to washing pail
dance the mop across the tile
nature clean elicit smile

toilet bowl of borax bubbles
swirling eddy flushing troubles
swish the brush round the bowl
eco friendly 
no danger flushed down the hole

avoid the Parma SLS
commercial cleansers NOT the best
they claim to clean and yes they do
but at a greater cost to you
and all of us


the Wheeze
the Sneeze
the Monster Headache
tired limbs and sorry eyes
no longer am I sick again
and why am I not surprised?
formaldehyde and propylene
Lysol Spray and Mr. Clean
chemicals to fry the brain
silently destroy and maim


good old yellow bars of soap
slipping sliding on a rope
dirt defying the natural way
pass the vinegar, I say!
lavender and peppermint
lemon, lime, orange and thyme
chores accomplished with much pride
I’m The Cleaner. I decide.



It is not difficult to make your own natural cleaning supplies for your home. We offer various essential oils, our all-purpose sanitizer and lavender linen spray to get you started. We do make, however, all natural cleansers for your body. Come visit us.