We could all use a breath of fresh air. The other day we received one in the form of an email,  a happy, light spirited, sincere testimonial saying how much she loved us and thanking us for doing what we do. Perhaps Sabrina is at home. Perhaps she is ‘catching up’ on things she had meant to do and never got around to. Whatever the reason she decided to write to us now, it brought many smiles to all of us here at Earth to Body. 

Hi Earth to Body,

I don't know why I never did this, because I've been using your products for at least a year now. But I wanted to share with you how much I love your products, and the fact that you're local (ish) and Canadian, and seem to be a big family.

I bought your first product at a Craft show in Ottawa in 2019, and I bought the neem salve. I was having issues with a dry, itchy spot around my nose that would keep coming back every so often, and man, neem oil made it disappear and I swear it has not come back again. I got so excited I legit started using neem oil EVERYWHERE, my face, my hair, just a mad woman. My fiancée hates the smell and calls it the "onion oil" but I, being a lover of all things natural and funky smells, adore it. Needless to say, his dislike of the oil did not make me stop using it lol, so now I warn him when I'm wearing it lol :)

After using neem, I said "why not try everything else", so I went on a shopping spree on your website and now I have emu oil (holy sh-t! I love it), tamanu oil, the eye oil, ESP shampoo soap, facial toner, ACV rinse, zinc oxide, moisturizing lotion and skincare moisturizer and I plan on buying more stuff soon :) more soaps, sheamu, essential oils, hand sanitizer, more neem (I ran out)..

So yeah, please never stop making your products, they're amazing. They make me feel amazing and knowing that I'm nurturing my skin with clean products is so worth it. I don't have to be afraid of my cats licking my hands after I put cream on my face, because I know the stuff won't kill them haha.

I've already accepted the fact that we're all going to age and get wrinkled, so now all I want is to get old gracefully and show my white hairs and laugh lines and wrinkles proudly, because I've lived my life to the fullest and laughed a lot :)


Also, thank you for still selling products online right now despite the situation!

PS: I don't know if you have any suggestions. but I thought I'd ask. Do you have any tricks or tips for allergy season??? :) Also, I love your blog!!! Best Regards, Sabrina

Thank you all who continue to support us. We love you and miss seeing you at the shows and our shop. Please continue to call, to write and share. Be safe and well.
BTW…we did have one suggestion for Sabrina and allergy season. Sheamu Butter On The Menu