You could butter your toast with our Sheamu, it is so pure and so full of goodness. But we do sell it for the skin. Lucky skin, all those omegas and vitamin E. 

Shea is called the Karite nut, native to Africa. It has been known for centuries as a beautiful skin treatment. Besides doing all of the wonderful things like moisturizing, nourishing, mending foot cracks, enhancing the hair, smoothing the cuticles, dryness, and itching, and soothing many more skin issues, Shea has always been a part of natural body care. Instead of selling pure shea alone, we blended it with emu oil, called Sheamu Butter.  An enhancement marvel.

Allergy Season is upon us

Did you know that a little shea butter can help clear nasal congestion? If you have seasonal allergies and ‘cannot breathe’ this is a rather uncomfortable predicament. Common solutions include the application of petroleum jelly into the nostril or the use a nasal decongestant. While the jelly has been around for over 100 years it does not mean it is a healthy option. It is petroleum after all. Opting for a nasal decongestant can be risky. 

When I was 17 years old, way back in the 60’s and suffering with nasal congestion, I became addicted to Otrivin. I remember walking to the bus stop, patting my pockets for my handy nasal spritz and coming up empty. Too late to go back. “How would I breathe?” The entire scenario transported me into another sphere. “Was I dependant on nasal spray?”

Back then, answers were not a click away, so I had to rely on texts. Books, lest we forget. I discovered that one’s nasal passages could become dependent on a nasal spray.  I was terrified at the thought of being married to Otrivin. So, I chose cold turkey. I suffered for close to a week until my nose decided to be its normal self.  Had I known about shea, it would have been the first on my ‘to do’ list.

Studies have shown that if you apply a few grams of shea directly into the nostril using an index finger, the passages clear with a minute or two and can stay clear for 5-8 hours. If you try our butter, you have the benefit of the added emu oil. 

We also offer a choice of a butter blend for Vegan or Vegetarian: Shargan Butter. It has pure argan oil from Morocco instead of the emu. 

If you have ever purchased pure shea on its own, you have experienced its qualities. Natural, unrefined, and off white in colour with a slightly nutty smell. Natural shea does not spread as easily as a cream. True shea is a little firmer and requires the loving warmth of your hands to melt in into the skin. If this does not sound familiar, you may have purchased the more common refined shea. ‘Refinement’ whitens the shea and removes the natural nutty smell, most often replaced with synthetic fragrances and added preservatives. The refined shea is not as good a choice.

When you are looking over your skin care menu, opting for real Shea is always an excellent selection. As mentioned we offer the combo blend. You might remember an article from some time ago when we wrote about ‘Sheamu to the Foot Rescue’. A good read, especially if your feet are of interest. Either way, remember shea.