Back in the peak of the Black Death (1348-1350) when everyone was dying left right and centre, a quartet of thieves were captured and threatened with being burned alive for their crimes against the plaque victims. Let’s ask the thieves how they stayed safe.

“Why,” implored the judge, “can you go about committing such horrific theft crimes against the ill and the dead and yet remain immune to this horrible plague? Tell me your secret and be spared the fire of death.” 

The story goes that the four thieves, who were previously spice and perfume merchants, had lost their jobs due to the closure of the harbours and the ports. During this deathly time, the robbers coated themselves in what came to be called the Thieves’ Oil.  They robbed graves and didn’t get sick. They told the truth to the king and were spared the fire of death. The king hung them instead. Oh…in simpler times.

Today we have the Covid Attack. So far, few weapons. Soaps, alcohol sanitizers, distancing, masks, isolation, some testing. Maybe soon, disinfecting robots. Vaccine in the making. Medicines being studied.  Recently I read about a door that disinfects. Enter through this passageway as it measures the body temperature, and a mist, ozone and ultraviolet light kill bacteria. Voila! Does it really work? They say no and it is not approved. But it is on the market. I would rather listen to the thieves than be zapped with who knows what.

We are waiting for a cure, a vaccine, and an understanding of the New World. It will come. We just need to be patient and diligent. Staying positive helps. We can give ourselves a hug and maybe our bubble buddies. Masking tape and painted lines or symbols help us to know our place.  

We are forced to use the alcohol based sanitizers. As so many are being recalled, we never know exactly what we are being asked to squirt when we venture out.  We have to trust the management of the establishment we are entering. 

We know detergents do clean, but so does real soap and water.  And it is safe. When we can use the less harsh choices, let us do so. We do have a unique Thieves oil, plus blend (rose, lemon, cinnamon, eucalyptus, rosemary, manuka, aloe), based sanitizer that we have sold for years and people do love it.  We based it on history, listened to the thieves and the love for essential oils. While it does not compete with the required alcohol based sanitizers against COVID, it is popular as a disinfectant against less hostile enemies. But who knows. They don’t exactly test many natural products for this kind of defense. Too many variables. But people are liking it now to relax their hands and feel clean after the harshness of stronger necessities. The scent of cinnamon always elicits a smile. It purifies, especially when soap and water are not available. It reminds me of simpler times when nature’s gifts were a-plenty and sought after.  

Our world in undergoing a cleansing. And as one author wrote, nature is asking to remember that we are their guests, not their masters. 

Be safe. We miss seeing you at the cancelled shows. Our shop is open 3 days a week. Our online is always there for you.