Many of you have heard of Manuka honey. That delectable darkish honey that you paid a fortune for because it’s worth every nickel.  You made sure you did not buy the cheap one, the paler colored, runny, fruity smelling, overly sweet one. You chose the better quality: of thicker consistency, nutty smelling, light brown. THE superfood loaded with nutritious minerals and vitamins.

And because you know how good the honey is for you, you deduce correctly that is also amazing on the skin. Imagine it soothing a burn or an ulcer or that wound that just would not heal. It has been used in hospitals in New Zealand and the UK. Adding a little Manuka honey to your favourite skin moisturizer or toner or facial clay mask is a great idea. Works great on dry skin, acne etc. You know how important it is to feed the skin. As long as you are not allergic to bees, it is a worthy investment!

Honey aside. Have you ever tried the Manuka essential oil? It comes from the Manuka tree (Leptospermum scoparium) native to East Cape, New Zealand. The pure oil is quite costly so most Manuka oil on the market is diluted (eg: 25% pure) or in a blend of other oils to make it affordable. We source 100% pure East Cape Manuka Oil and use it in several of our products. Our Mouth Freshener is one. 

The conventional mouth washes may be sought after, but most are loaded with artificial sweeteners, flavours, dyes and preservatives. Not good. The powerful marketing gurus play on our desire to be free of bad breath, gingivitis, cavities, convincing us that a swoosh of Listerine, Scope, or the like is the answer.  Fast forward. While killing the bad bacteria, it can take the good along with it, including normal saliva leaving you with a dry mouth.  But if that happens, we are told to take Biotene for dry mouth. If we listened and followed all of these recommendations, we would all need bathroom renovations for increased storage space. 

A better choice is a natural mouth wash. There are lots of DIY recipes out there. Salt and Baking Soda. Lemon and water.  Herbal recipes using sage, thyme etc.

Or you can try ours. We call ours a Mouth Freshener, which is exactly what it does. And more. Along with myhrr, peppermint, lemon, clove and more, you have excellent mouth nutrition to address any issues that may occur.  But it is the Manuka that makes it stand apart. 

The leaves and twigs of the East Cape’s Manuka tree are distilled, producing the world’s most powerful anti-bacterial oil. Our Manuka Mouth Freshener cleanses, soothes and nourishes the way nature intended.  You will love the swoosh and the results.