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* Healthy nutrition for the teeth and gums
* Contains unique blend of chlorophyll, manuka, and myrrh
* Does NOT contain harmful ingredients common to most mouthwashes
* Does what a mouthwash is supposed to be.   Good for us.
* Enhances reduction of odour-causing bacteria
* Pleasant taste.  General consensus: “I like the taste.  I love the results."
* A complementary partner to our Tooth Cleanser

How to Use:

* Simply swish about a capful of the freshener into the mouth for 15-30 seconds and spit out.  Do not swallow. Shake before using.
* Can be used after cleaning and flossing.  Can also be used alone.
* It is best to clean and floss with Tooth Cleanser at night and in morning.  If you do not have time in the morning to do a proper cleaning job, the mouth freshener does provide cleansing properties.


* Do not expect the WOW feel of common mouthwashes. Natural ones cannot do that. But do expect a fresh feeling and good results.

Storage and travel:

* Bathroom storage is fine, but use within several months of purchase or keep in fridge. 
* Keep in a plastic baggie in travel.   Make sure lid is extra tight

The bottle is 500 ml

All ingredients for this product

  • Distilled water,
  • peppermint,
  • cinnamon,
  • spearmint,
  • lemon,
  • myrrh,
  • clove,
  • chlorophyll,
  • manuka,
  • vitamin E,
  • lemonseed extract

Distilled water has virtually all of its impurities removed through distillation. Distillation involves boiling the water and then condensing the steam into a clean container, leaving nearly all of the solid contaminants behind. Distillation produces very pure water.

Peppermint (mentha piperita) has a powerful, sweet, menthol aroma. It revitalizes, refreshes and cools.

Cinnamon (Cinnamomum verum)  The oill is distilled from the leaf of the cinnamon tree itself and has been used as a cleansing agent due to its high anti microbial and anti bacterial properties.

Spearmint (mentha viridis) has a tingling, cooling, refreshing  feeling. It is loaded with vitamins, antioxidants and other vital nutrients. 

Lemon (melissa officinalis) has a clean, refreshing and uplifting scent. Lemon naturally purifies and cleans.


Myrrh (commiphora myrrha) is widely considered to be one of the most effective substances for maintaining gum health. As the pure essential oil cannot mix with water, a myrrh extract was selected for our mouth freshener as it is an excellent fighter against bacteria and bad breath.


Clove (eugenia caryophyllata) is known to help keep the mouth and teeth clean. Clove's odour killing and masking properties make it an attractive addition in an oral health product.

Chlorophyll (chlorophyll) is a green pigment (magnesium) found in most plants. It is non-irritating, gentle and totally non-toxic. Chlorophyll has an antibacterial cleansing action and is known to remove unpleasant odors.

Manuka (leptospermum scoparium) is renowned for its potent antimicrobial cleansing properties and natural oral health hygiene.

Vitamin E (d-alpha tocopherol)  This full spectrum tocopheral is a natural preservative that helps sustain shelf life of products. It plays a crucial role in protecting skin cells and membranes from environmental damage.

Lemonseed Extract (citrus medica limonum) is a bio-citrus extract used as our natural preservative. Organic and eco certified.


A.G. Calgary

I had an awful canker sore in my mouth for a quite a few days I used the mouth freshener and it was healed in two days. The unique flavour took a bit getting used too and now I love it!  I swear by the freshener for overall mouth/gum health and I have not had a canker sore since I use it daily.

J.K. Nepean

I just started using the mouthwash and tooth paste last year as I have been experiencing dry mouth causing gum recession. This is the only mouth wash that does not dry my mouth out.

Being alcohol-free does help. Thank you, J.K.

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