A newborn baby delicately bathed in oil is a ritual in many countries: a welcome to enlightenment, protection, peace, light. Emu oil in Australia, Shea Butter in Africa, Kukui in Hawaii. It is kukui we wish to honour here.

Now the state tree of Hawaii, Kukui is known as the candlenut tree, the flammable oil to be used as a candle. It is the nut and the oil that are cherished, as the raw fruit itself is best not consumed.  The soot from the burned nuts can be used as black ink for tattoos. Fishermen spit the oil from a chewed nut onto the water to create a lens to remove reflections, seeing deeper underwater. Leis and jewelry are made from the seed shells, canoes and fishnet floods made from the tree wood. Medicine have been made from oils. The oil has always been cherished on the skin. 

Panda Online writes of the Kukui Nut tree in Hawaii. “The light-colored nut oil is practically odorless and a person’s skin can easily absorb it. It blends seamlessly with most lotions and creams as it is high in alpha-linoleic and other fatty acids. At farmer’s markets, you can find kukui nut oil as the primary ingredient in soaps, candles and body lotions. People also use it as a hair follicle stimulant.” 

Our shampoo bars grace kukui

Our bars are magical all over body cleansers.  Earthy. The scents may even take to back if you are old enough to remember the smells and feel of real soap. 

Our ESP is the most popular bar as it has the most intense nutrition for the hair and scalp and is especially sought after for people with any skin issues. 

Our Regular Bar has that old-fashioned freshness, that will dance you down memory lane. It contains nourishing and gentle essential oil like sweet orange, patchouli and lavender. 

Our Basic Bar is for the extra sensitive as it does not contain any essential oil. ‘The Power of Scent’ is a reminder of the differences between fragrance oils and pure essential oils.  You always want to choose the later. 

All 3 bars contain kukui oil

Kukui is not only an excellent hair and scalp conditioner but it also leaves the entire body silky smooth and well cared for. The high levels  of linoleic and alpha-linolenic acids, Omega-3 and Omega-6 help to condition the hair and scalp, soothe dry or sun damaged skin and minor irritations. The skin appreciates the ingredient quality. Castor. Olive. Coconut. Added bonus: Chemical free. Exo friendly.  High performance. And all containing KUKUI. 

And why would you choose a real soap shampoo bar over a detergent liguid or bar? Because you are smart. Why ours? Kukui for one.


Excellent stocking stuffers. Wonderful Gifts. 
Happy Holiday Season to all.