If you are thinking about getting a fake tan this winter because your southern Vay Cay was put on hold, you might want to do a rethink. Let’s not get into whether or not you plan to sneak away on the ‘cheapest vacation ever’. Let us assume that for the remainder of the winter months, we are all in a northern lockdown.

There is something about a tan, hopefully achieved with caution, that makes most of us light skinned people feel glowing, healthy and spry. Sun baking is ill advised, but natural sunlight is life sustaining. The sun’s therapy comforts us, mentally and physically. When the sun is not available, some are lured into seeking ‘tan’ alternatives. Since the 1950’s, this ‘colouring’ option has been marketed. 

No such thing as a safe tanning bed.

Depending where you live, your local bed may be off limits. Tanning salons are NOT an essential service. Be thankful. Increased risks of cancer are one deterrent, but so are burns, eye injuries and addiction. The tanning salons will tell you that they are perfectly safe. They are not.

Spray or cream it on?

‘Avoid, eyes, ears, lips nose’. Wow…you would have to be some magician to spray the head area without attacking those little sensitive parts. Aerosols fly everywhere and anywhere. The active ingredient is Dihydroxyacetone or DHA and inhaling it can lead to cancer. Some salons do get around this by suggesting you wear a narrow mask. Not the large covid one. I really can’t see that working, unless you are into the striped look.

Creams or lotions may contain high amounts of parabens, those undesirable chemical preservatives.  If you are going to take this risky journey at least opt for a paraben free product.

Tanning pills may be the worst option

We should not even go there. Your skin may turn orange or brown but the internal dangers are more extensive. Hives, liver damage and impaired vision.

If you really do want the winter sun warmth and are not a skier or a mega walker, the lounging option might work. If you can capture a rare sunny winter day, you might snuggle under an electric blanket on your outdoor lounge chair, or pad some hot water bottles around the body, or cuddle under your outdoor heater, lie back and catch a few desired and well deserved real sun rays.  Just for a few minutes. Ask Alexa to tune you into some ocean waves and sea bird song and pretend all is normal. 

Whatever you do naturally, don’t forget that pure oils can help protect against weather woes. Emu, argan, tamanu, oil blends.  For ski buffs, sled fans, snow walkers and sculptors, our zinc oxide works against the glare. 

Earth to Body does not have any ‘fake’ tanning products to offer you. Our magic is in nutritious skin care and a daily routine of pure oils on the skin can result in a healthy glow.  It’s the best, the safest, the wisest.