If you are young and wild and ill-informed and you see a U tube video on how to get high on mouthwash, you may just decide to indulge. Not the smartest of moves. But there you go. People err.

Or, maybe you are hanging out at the park and one of the guys starts sharing a bottle of the original Listerine, via the cap that’s doubling as a shot glass. It’s cheap. Smells great and gets you high.  

Swish and Spit is the proper way. Don’t drink your mouthwash. 

It may be toxic. It can be deadly. If you are a USA citizen, there is an Overdose Mouthwash hotline, a 1-877 number that you can call if danger and or death is impending.  Here in Canada call 911. Hopefully, it is not too late.

Do not drink your mouthwash. Better still, don’t buy mouthwash that is potentially toxic.

The ingredients in mouthwash can be harmful in large amounts, meaning if you use more than the recommended amount.

Toxic ingredients include

Chlorhexidine gluconate
Ethanol (ethyl alcohol) 
Hydrogen peroxide  
Methyl salicylate 

Dangerous to swallow. But do you really want to swish toxic chemicals in the first place? Take ethanol for one. 

Ethanol is added to mouthwashes as a preservative (anti-bacterial), to be a carrier for other ingredients (e.g. Flavor), to add a ‘bite’. The bite is the ‘wow’ that the commercial mouthwash provides and people do like, but it is not a healthy bite. It is toxic. Ethanol can alter tastes, lead to stains and mouth ulcers. It has also been linked to oral cancer. If you use such a mouthwash and suffer with dry mouth, check your label. Ethanol may be the culprit. If your mouthwash contains ethanol  maybe you should consider changing brands. The original Listerine does have ethanol, over 26.9%. Scope has 18.9% and Cepacol 14%. This non-beverage ethanol is NOT meant for consumption. Why it is even allowed to be swished in mouths is highly questionable.

We make a natural Manuka​ Mouth Freshener, with the miraculous manuka. Additions of clove, peppermint, lemon, chlorophyll, spearmint were carefully chosen to do everything you want a mouth swish to do. Our freshener does not contain toxic ingredients. We purposely did not call it ‘mouthwash’ so as not to be associated with the bad ones. It will not get you high if swallowed, so no temptation there either.

Without the ethanol there is no bite. But there is a gentle nip, safe, and effective. You will not want to drink it. You will only want to swish. Your mouth will be freshened and nutritionally satisfied. It is a smart consumer choice and your mouth will love you.