When I ask the lizard how he feels in his skin, he grins and hisses, “Dry and Scaley.  Suits me fine, Matey. And the bonus is, unlike you humans, I don’t need to moisturize.”

The lizard squeaks the truth. Humans need to moisturize.

At certain times of the year, we often fight a losing battle to dry skin, especially if we are misled as to what truly helps to moisturize.

Winter’s coming. It’s a time when our skin really does need extra help.

What if it were true that every time you lathered in your favourite moisturizer, you were actually exacerbating the dryness?

Many creams and lotions out there CLAIM to moisturize but actually contribute to the drying out of the skin.  They may feel good when applied.  They may smell great. BUT, are they doing what is promised? Initially maybe.  But how soon after is your skin crying out for a redo?

Time to get smart.

Take a good look at your skin care products, starting with your cleansers. Lay them out in a line and peruse the labels. If you do not understand the label, do not feel inadequate…we are not Latin majors, nor do most have a science background. We may not know the chemical names, or its alias, but we are becoming familiar with the names of things we should try to avoid.  Like Parabens, SLS, PBAS, formaldehyde ….  But beware of the aliases out there

One of the best moisturizers is pure shea butter.

Pure unrefined raw shea is a great buy.  But once again, you need to be vigilant.  I researched several different brands advertised on the market and while some looked great, others , on deeper review were NOT as PURE as they led us to believe.  Some looked inviting, said all the right things about fair trade, Ecocert, skin hydrating properties, 4/5 rating and the ‘featured ingredients’ looked fine. But when you finally hunt down the ‘hidden’ ingredients, the truth be told. When this happens, best to keep looking.

Earth to Body has many excellent moisturizers, but if you like the idea of a full body treatment (hair / scalp included), especially after a bath or shower, consider our Sheamu or our Shargan Butter. Delicious on the skin. 

We think the lizard is missing out!