You like to be clean.  You need to be moisturized. The tone part is the icing on the cake.

The cosmetic counter specialists offer mega information. The day cream, the night cream, this cream, the that cream. For day. For night. Aging skin? Acne prone or overly dry? Oily or combination?  Male?  Female??  Light, dark?  Perfect solutions for perfect skin are offered.

Informative for sure. But what if skin care could be made simple?  Without so many rules. 

Like back when. Swimming in clean waters. Oiling, buttering our bodies from nature. Nourishing cuts, scrapes etc. with magic from the garden. It all worked pretty well.

So does Earth to Body. Moisturize with homemade creams, formulated without commercial bases. Made from scratch. Choose pure oils or blends with magic oils like emu, argan, tamanu, neem 

You can understand every word on our label.  No surprises. 

Clean and moisturize. And tone in between.

Our Facial Toner is icing on the cake.  It is that delicious additive to any regime.  Not everyone tones but if they tried ours, they would. We import organic rosewater from California.  We do not add alcohol, as do many toners on the market.  We make it and sell it fresh. You will want to use it daily, if not more, so shelf life should be a non-issue. It is all about the nutrition.  The toner alone provides you with the desirable Vitamin C for the skin.  For men, for women. For teens. Along with one of our soaps and moisturizers your skin will flourish.  And it always feels wonderful!

Make it simple.  Try Earth to Body.