Imagine a product so 'skinlicious,' so versatile, that it tackles inflammation, fights acne, moisturizes, tones, and calms your skin simultaneously.

If you reside in Canada, nestled near a forested area in one of our provinces or territories, you might gaze out your window and catch sight of it—the majestic black spruce tree.

For centuries, the needles, twigs, and cones of this remarkable tree have yielded a sweet, fresh, woodsy-scented oil, cherished by indigenous peoples for its soothing, curative properties.

Traditionally, infusions were prepared to combat scurvy, manage diabetes, alleviate sore throats, and ease coughs. Balms crafted from its essence were applied to soothe burns, relieve dry skin, and provide moisture. It was even discovered that chewing the resin could brighten smiles—a testament to its multifaceted benefits.

At Earth to Body, we harness the power of black spruce in our X Cream and Skin Manager. While some may question why we don't incorporate the remarkable Tea Tree into our formula, we hold a deep reverence for Canadian Black Spruce and believe it stands strong on its own, reigning supreme in our products—the X Cream and Skin Manager.