Curly, straight, thick, thin, kinky or silky, tamanu loves all hair.  And scalps. Nutritionally dense yet gentle, tamanu is an effective and versatile nut oil. It stimulates, helps promote growth. prevents hair loss, reduces scalp itch and irritations and adds a natural sheen! 

Make tamanu a part of your hair and scalp care routine.

1. Add a drop or two to our organic Apple Cider Hair rinse. 
2. Remove a scoop of of our Sheamu or Shargan butter and blend in a few drops of tamanu. Treat your hair and scalp and any other body part that calls to you.
3. Try washing your hair and scalp with our argan tamanu soap.  A one stop shop.

It is a smart move on your part to incorporate tamanu into your daily skin care routine

When selecting tamanu, always buy the pure, dark green oil. There are various qualities offered on the market, so choose wisely. We selected, after many comparisons, a pure, dark green tamanu from a sustainable farm in Viet Nam. While it is NOT to be consumed, tamanu is revered in skin care. The people of the south pacific have used this oil for centuries to nourish the hair and skin.  They refer to it as ‘green gold’ or ‘beauty leaf ‘oil. And that it is.