60 ml

« Notre huile apaisante aux huiles d’émeu et de neem procure une sensation de détente et de bien-être. Elle convient tout à fait comme huile de massage pour relaxer les muscles et atténuer la douleur. Grâce à l’ajout de méthylsulfinyl méthane (MSM) et d’autres huiles essentielles de choix, ce mélange raffiné a été conçu comme huile de massage du bout des doigts, et à prodiguer une douce sensation de confort. Elle favorise l’harmonie des sens tout en aidant à hydrater la peau. » Earth To Body

L’huile apaisante de Earth to Body :

  • Procure une sensation de bien-être
  • Aide à hydrater la peau tout en offrant tous les bienfaits du massage
  • Dégage un parfum frais et agréable
  • Facilite la relaxation des muscls et de la douleur au moyen du massage

Ajoutez quelques gouttes de l’huile apaisante aux sels de la mer Morte ou à notre huile de massage biologique pour apprécier une expérience calmante. Vous pouvez aussi appliquer une toute petite quantité d’huile apaisante directement sur la peau et vous offrir un massage du bout des doigts. Le MSM se dissout très lentement la texture de l’huile peut être quelque peu granuleuse. Brassez vigoureusement avant chaque usage.

Frottez délicatement l’huile apaisante sur les tempes et dans la nuque.

Détendez doucement ces muscles. Si possible, offrez-vous une douche chaude OU délassez-vous dans un bain de sels de bain de la mer Morte de Earth to Body.

Faites une seconde application de l’huile apaisante au besoin.

Tous les ingrédients de ce produit

  • Huile de noyaux d’abricots,
  • Huile d’émeu,
  • Huile de neem,
  • Méthylsulfinyl méthane ou MSM,
  • Menthe poivrée,
  • Huile de lavande,
  • Huile d’eucalyptus,
  • Huile parfumée de pamplemousse blanc,
  • Extrait de pépins de citron

L’huile de noyaux d’abricots (prunus armeniacia) est l’huile de premier choix des massothérapeutes. Elle contient beaucoup de vitamines et de minéraux; elle est réputée pour ses qualités hydratantes et revitalisantes. C’est une huile idéale à employer comme base d’huile de massage. 

L’huile d’émeu existe depuis des siècles comme huile cosmétique. Elle renferme de fortes concentrations d’omégas et de vitamine E. L’huile d’émeu est un produit régénérateur qui promouvoit l’élasticité de la peau.

L’huile de neem (azadirachta indica) nous vient de l’Inde où on l’a surnommée « la pharmacie du village ». Elle hydrate et humidifie la peau; ses propriétés adoucissantes en font l’ajout parfait aux huiles de massage.

Le méthylsulfinyl méthane ou MSM à l’état pur est produit chimique organique naturel composé de soufre. On le retrouve principalement dans les fruits et les légumes, dans certaines viandes, dans les produits laitiers et les fruits de mer. En tant que produit cosmétique, le MSM apaise la peau et prévient les l’apparition de taches cutanées; il aide aussi à adoucir la peau et  la rendre plus souple. C’est un additif parfait à l’huile de massage, car il soulage la peau sèche et écailleuse.

La menthe poivrée (mentha pipertia) est uneplante qui existe depuis toujours et qu’on cultive partout dans le monde. Les égyptiens, les Grecs et Romains l’employaient à toutes sortes de fins. En Europe, ce n’est qu’au XVIIIe siècle que la plante devint populaire. Le menthol que contient la menthe poivrée renferme des propriétés calmantes et rafraîchissantes.  

L’huile de lavande (lavendula augustofolia) détend et apaise le système nerveux. On l’emploie en aromathérapie pour favoriser la relaxation et pour créer une sensation de bien-être et d’harmonie pour le corps et pour l’esprit. 

L’huile d’eucalyptus (eucalyptus globulus) dégage une odeur nette, relevée et vivifiant. Elle rafraîchit, calme et apaise le corps tout entier. 

L’huile parfumée de pamplemousse blanc (citrus paradisi) répand un parfum captivant et énergisant. 

L’extrait de pépins de citron (citrus medica limonum) est une essence bio-agrume que nous employons comme agent de conservation naturel; il aide à contrôler la manifestation de champignons et de bactéries


Beverly B., BC

I am delighted with the Soothing Oil as it definitely works on what was my painful knee and now is so much better ( to say nothing about soft, smooth skin, which is not how one usually describes knees). I  have passed on the info. My friend, Teri, from Toronto is a fan and now a customer of yours.

Red Deer, AB

I add a small amount of the soothing oil to my Dead Sea Salt Spa bath at night. Teaching high school can be very stressful and I love the combination of the soothing oil and the spa bath. 

Brantford, ON

I am a massage therapist and have to deal with many different situations. For some clients, I add a small amount of the soothing oil to my favorite massage oil. I find this helps them to relax as I massage their tired muscles.

Mark, AB

I have terrible arthritic pain in my hands. I rub the soothing oil on throughly every two days. It helps unbelievably well.

Beve McLeod, BC

THANK YOU. The Soothing Oil JUST arrived.. Interesting, the texture is certainly different than the one I had purchased..creamier and not as heavy..
Thank you for standing behind your product.. and providing such great Customer Care & Service. 


Our 90 year old mom had chemotherapy 3 years ago and developed numbness in her fingers. She began using soothing oil every night and has now regained feeling in her fingers. She swears by this product!

Thank you, Lynne.  So happy for your mom to find some relief.

Bonnie - Kitchener, Ontario
Verified purchase

I discovered Earth to Body - Soothing Oil several years ago at an Arts & Craft Festival. I have had issues with both knees for several years & the oil was amazing, especially for night-time relief.
Recently, I shattered my femur & have undergone surgery. The Soothing Oil is now helping me with the aches & sore muscles that have arisen since the surgery. Have just re-ordered two more bottles.
It is a staple in my house! Thank you!! 

We are so happy the soothing oil is working for you. Thank you for taking the time to share.

Myrna Medicine Hat

I bought the oil at a Christmas market about 3 weeks ago while I like the oil the lid sucks, the plastic plug doesn’t work is just stuck in the lid.

Myrna, kindly contact us and we will replace the lid. I am not too sure what you mean as the plug is supposed to remain in the lid, but we will most definitely send you a new one.

Ashley. Ontario, Canada

I discovered Earth to Body at the Ex in Toronto years ago and have been using the Skin Manager ever since. This time I splurged and got the Soothing Oil as well as a few other gems to try out. I’ve had terrible knee and foot pain since giving birth 6 months ago and I put the soothing oil on ONCE and the pain was almost cut in half. Can’t wait to keep applying this to see the outcome!

Ashley, so glad you are feeling a difference.  managing with a good oil blend can definitely make a huge difference. Thank you!

Karen Coldwater, Ontario

I first used the Soothing oil when we were at a craft sale in Gravenhurst and we stopped to view the display when my sister asked if they had anything that would help the fibromyalgia pain. They asked if we had 15 mins and could give this oil a try. So I tried it on my left knee as I had had pain continuously in that knee for over a year. After 15 -20 minutes the pain had decreased greatly, by an hour later the pain was gone. I am so glad I took the time to try this wonderful oil. May I also say it was suggested I use twice a day and make sure you feel the "sand" on your fingers when applying as that means it is mixed enough.
To this day I turn to soothing oil at the first sign of fibromyalgia pain to nip it before it starts the get bad. I used it twice a day regularly to my knee for about 6 months and that constant pain was gone and has not returned. In my opinion this oil is the best pain relieving product on the market. I always have 2 bottles ahead in the fridge and every member of my family keeps a bottle in the fridge as well.
Earth and Body you were a life saver and I recommend people try it especially people who suffer the awful pain associated with fibromyalgia. If there were 10 stars I would certainly give this product all of them.

Wow.. a 10 no less! Thank you for the accolades. We do receive great feedback on this blend. Mush appreciated, Karen

Xavier & Leonora Paes
Verified purchase

I have just started using this oil and it has left me totally astonished. I have an injury to one of the finger bones in my right hand and recently noticed a painful little bump. I remembered that I had this oil and decided to use it. To my astonishment after two days the bump disappeared completely and the inflammation in the finger joint is much reduced. I also tried it on a bit of stubborn irritation on my eyelids and it not only does not burn, it instantly soothes it and keeps it from itching.
My only wish is that it should be made available in the spray version like the Spoil Me Oil (which is another favourite of mine) so that not a drop is wasted.

Great testimonial. Thank you. We do receive lots of love on the soothing oil, as the name suggests :)  So happy it has worked for you! The recipe does not spray well...but it is on our to-do list to try to find alternate methods. Some people do enjoy the massage, but I know that a spray can be great too.

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