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We have had many memorable encounters over the last 15 years. This one story will stick with me forever.  Such an experience keeps me going and what makes me love what I do so much. It takes place at the Edmonton Butterdome Signatures Craft Show. A Saturday and quite busy. The day just flies by. I finish up with a customer and go to grab a quick break. On my return a young girl comes in. Her baseball cap is low over her face.  She is hunched over.

I say, “How are you today?” 

She looks down but manages a small voiced “hello”.  I feel like I should leave her be but I can’t do that. Not in my booth. By the time you leave me, you will know what we do, where we are from and how to contact us if you need to.

“Have you seen our line before?”

A quick “No, I haven’t.”

I explain. Our line, what we do, how it’s made. She looks right at me. “I need help.”

I see her face. She’s a beautiful young girl in her twenties with severe cystic acne.  She’s embarrassed and shy and looks like she’s about to cry. My heart sinks. I feel terrible for this poor girl. I just want to help her. I want her to take that baseball cap off and not feel ashamed to look people in the eye ever again!!!

I spend almost an hour with her.

She buys our Skin Management Program and our lovely Facial Toner. She feels excited when she leaves because she knows no matter what, she will be refunded if she is not satisfied. I’m adamant about helping her.   She gives me a small smile, one that I feel good about.

I don’t hear from her.  A year passes.  Nothing.

I’m standing in my booth once again. Butterdome.  Three girls walk in. A pretty girl asks,  “Do you remember me? “

I feel terrible.  I’m so good with faces, names not always, but faces?  I’m so on it.  I reply, “I’m so sorry.”

She grins, “I remember.  You changed my life!!! Last year. You spent an hour with me, explaining everything. I wore a baseball cap.  But not anymore.  Thanks to you and your amazing products!!!” She had tears in her eyes and reached out to hug me. A good hug too, not some quick hug, a hug where her life was changed. I started to get teary. She adds ‘I love your products!!! I’ve brought my two friends to hook them too.”

I glance at her friends. They chant, “She loves your products.”  We all laugh. The beautiful young girl, sans baseball cap, begins to share her journey.

By Heidi Shannon  (Heidi is part of our Earth to Body family business)


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