* Daily cleansing, moisturizing, weekly deep cleansing, spot treatments
* The clay neem and the soap are natural antibacterial cleansers
* Skin manager is an excellent spot treatment
* Emu oil moisturizes, conditions and is miraculous on skin
* A good basic program for all ages and skin types
* 100% natural goodness

Package Includes:
Clay-neem  (190 ml) $30

Skin Manager (20 ml) $22
Small emu oil  (30 ml) $35
Emu-neem soap (4.5 oz) $14

(Total value $101.00 Save $13)

How to Use:

* Morning and evening:

- Wash face with emu-neem soap. (Store soap in a drain dish to dry)
- Apply a small amount of skin manager if needed on dry, irritated spots
- Apply a thin coat of emu oil.

* Once a week:

-Wash face with emu-neem soap.
-Mix one tablespoon of clay with one tablespoon of distilled water* to produce a ‘mud’. Apply to face and let dry (10-15 minutes). Rinse off.
-Apply the skin manager (if needed) and then the emu oil.

 *Additions to program:

- Facial Toner: Use the toner daily after cleansing. 
Manitouka Scrub: Use the scrub once a week.  Can be used after the clay neem


* As with any new natural cosmetic program the skin may undergo a few changes as it becomes cleaner and healthier, and may take a few days to do so
* Best NOT to confuse the skin with other commercial products
* May help relieve itchiness and dryness from acne prone, rosacea skin 


Do not hesitate to contact us with any questions.



O.V., Quebec

I recently ordered your skin management program and revitalizing eye oil, all of which I love! I have problem skin and these products are the first that don't aggravate it and actually help keep it clear! I had never been able to find a commercial moisturizer, for example, that didn't make my skin even more oily or wreak havoc on my pores. 


I’ve had sensitive, acne prone skin for years now and tried everything on the market. I found that if it cleared up the pimples, it made me itchy and dry. I decided that in order to have clear skin, it had to dry out. Then it seemed that my make-up was making my skin even worse (powder) but I needed the make up to cover the blemishes. I contacted Earth to Body because I had such great success with the ESP shampoo and they were SO helpful! I started using the Skin Management Program and I haven’t looked back. My skin looks and feels so much better. I can actually feel it working. Oh and I no longer use any powder/foundation on my skin. I don’t need it anymore! 


I am amazed on how well this cleared my acne. I have been suffering from acne for many years and have tried ever over the counter and prescription product on the market. The skin management program is a life saver! My skin has this beautiful natural glow with no acne. This has become my absolute favourite product that I have ever purchased!

We are so happy this good nutrition made such a difference, Makayla. Thank you for the enthusiastic testimonial!

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