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I'd like to share a heartwarming story about a young mother and practicing naturopath.  Lise was desperate to find help for her six-month-old baby, Luke, suffering terribly with eczema, a most difficult skin condition to treat. Lise had tried everything. She was seeking an alternative to the prescribed steroid creams.

Lise had heard about ‘Earth To Body’ by word of mouth.  We do not advertise nor make any claims about eczema on our products.  As a natural skin care cosmetic company, there are rules and regulations governing what we can and cannot say. We understand. Our products are pure and chemical free and this young mother was seeking solace in knowing that her baby would be getting the best skin nutrition available. That is what we sell. That is what she wanted.

Lise was breastfeeding. This helps to build a baby’s natural antibodies. She was aware of food allergies often caused by dairy and gluten consumption. Well educated on the diet side, Lise needed something topical for Luke's troubled skin.

We discussed many issues. I had a hard time holding back the tears as I witnessed his helplessness, trying to scratch his crusty cheeks and wriggle away the discomfort of his small body. Lise explained how her baby almost tore holes in his legs from trying to erase the constant itch. We discussed diet, laundry detergents, fabric and dye allergies, household cleansers, environmental issues, genetic predispositions, etc.  Her five-year-old daughter had also suffered terribly as a baby and it was only when the little girl, at three years of age and swimming in ocean waters, that Lise saw an improvement.  Salt waters can work wonders.

This relieved mother left with our entire ‘Baby Package’ (a castile soap, organic oil, lavender spritz and neem salve), and the Emu Oil, X cream, and Dead Sea Salt spa. I reassured her that if a product was not satisfactory, we would refund or suggest an alternative.

Wisely, Lise planned to test each item separately and carefully. She kept notes and it was not until four days later that I received a phone call. I had not been able to erase the thoughts of this wee child’s suffering.

She started off by saying how thankful she was for the products, but she could not hold back the tears of joy.  Luke was 90% better after only a few days using just the soap and the emu oil. Her daughter, now five, was in love with the X cream and delighted bathing in the Dead Sea Salt bath. She believed the natural purity of the products was key.  

Lise’s emotional outburst was infectious and I thanked her profoundly for sharing her testimonial. Ask your doctor too.  Many doctors have suggested that there is no harm in giving natural a try.

To picture her baby smiling, itch relieved, made my day!

By Martha Shannon

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