Nature’s oils. Pure and delicious on the skin. Soft, delightful nourishing, Natural oil scents from almost nothing, to very earthy, to gentle calming blends.

Once the magic of pure Unrefined Emu Oil touches your skin, you become a believer. Ask the indigenous Australian why the emu bird is worshipped. Ask them why, when a newborn baby enters the world, it is blessed with the ritual of emu oil on the skin. A treasure from Down Under.

Argan Oil, when pure and unadultered is also a one of the most benefitting foods for the skin. A very slightly mild nutty scent, a silky feel that the skin, hair and nails adore. The popularity of argan oil over the last few years have unfortunately led to oils being sold that are not pure. Read your label carefully.  Trust your source.

Our Spoil Me’ Body Oil deserves it nomenclature. It is an all over body treat. The first whiff of lemongrass is love. The smooth feel, the fast absorption into the skin, the immediate hydrating effect is unsurpassed in its purity. Within the blend you will also find marula from Africa, avocado from Mexico, and tamanu.

Ah, Tamanu. Earthy, nutty, unlike most oils you might have experienced. We are very proud of our sourcing from a sustainable organic farm in Vietnam. The dark green colour attests to its perfection. The results speak for itself.

Discover our Revitalizing Eye Oil doing more than that.  It is so wonderfully soothing around the eyes, designed specifically for the puffiness, darkness, and fine lines. But our customers have ventured further. They like the experience of the eye oil all over the face.  And why not.  We have no rules when food for the skin is concerned. If it works for you, then enjoy at your leisure. Morning. Night. On your own schedule.  Our eye oil has carrot, sea bucktorn, rosehip, camellia, argan, each oil contributing nutrition that transforms the blend into a gourmet experience.

All oils protect us.  There are SPF factors in natural oils, which we are not permitted to write on the label, as they may vary slightly from nut to nut, flower to flower.  Nature is not always an exact science. Feed your skin nature's oils every day. The wonder is unsurpassed.