dandruff control all natural cure apple cider vinegar heal itchy scalp

Dandruff and  dusty flakes
Mistake of wearing black today
Stop scratching please
While others stare, I look away

I try to brush away the crime
A useless gesture, nothing gained
Shampoos guaranteeing success
Yet the flakes flow uncontained

"Wash your hair with real soap”
Grandma whispers in my ear
“Rinse well and treat your scalp 
To good-ole Apple Cider Vinegar”

I wash and clean and rinse
With the ESP shampoo delight
I massage my scalp caringly
And relish in vinegar overnight

“It works”, I shout to all who care
I proudly don my black today
A remedy that really rocks
Dandruff gone, itch at bay

"I love to do it Grandma’s way!"

Good old apple cider vinegar.  A great dry, itchy scalp treatment, around for years and one of the best remedies ever.  You can benefit from ours, mixed with parsley, rosemary and sage to enhance your scalp treatment, or, if you wish to DIY, mix organic apple cider vinegar and water (I:3 or 1:4).   The best advice is to leave on the scalp for several hours, or overnight.  Or, Grandma whispers, "Wrap a warm towel around your vinegared head, sit and relax. Let the vinegar do its work in warmth. It restores the scalp's PH and helps relieve the dryness and itching and therefore the dandruff."

Your shampoo choice is vital however.   Avoid the harsh chemical additives. Commercial dandruff shampoos may help, but it is a camouflage and does not get to the root of the issue.  Try real soaps, like our Shampoo Basic, Shampoo Regular, or Shampoo ESP, or a healthy choice from the natural world.