100% pure eco-certified organic argan oil morocco

ARGAN OIL- Eco-certified Vegan

100% Pure Plant Based Eco-certified Argan Oil. It's soft, silky, sensual. It's delicious on the skin, lips, hair and fingertips. The pure rich nutty scent is decadent. We love it so much, we add it to our soaps, our creams, our eye oils, our lip balms, our scrubs and our butters. Argan Oil benefits are so powerful and diverse, it has hit the main stream. But there's one problem. Unfortunately, you cannot trust all the products out there that say "Argan" on the label. Quality matters. But with Argan Oil, it REALLY matters. 


It's not easy to decipher quality just by looking at the label. It's not easy to find a company you trust who will not dilute with silicone, strain or deodorize this precious oil for profit. Fortunately you have us. Our oil won the accolades we knew we deserved. Perfect points. Perfect oil. Our eco-certified is posted on our website.


For the past nine years, we have been purchasing our argan oil directly from a FAIR TRADE co-op in Morocco called Targanine. It is not easy to extract the oil from the nut. The most consuming time of the process, cracking the nuts, is still realized by hand. The Targanine co-op is a source we trust and the quality of our argan oil proves it. Because we do not have huge intermediary fees and we have a long standing connection with a source who trusts us, we are able to sell our oil at a fair price. 


Argan oil is a wonderful source of essential nutrients, primarily comprised of healthy fatty acids (oleic, linoleic and omega-6). It is also a rich source of vitamin E and holds powerful antioxidant properties, making this oil a miraculous composition for... 

HAIR TREATMENT Conditioning and strengthening hair, repairs dry damaged hair
STRENGTHEN NAILS Try argan on your nails for week or two and see the difference!
ANTI-AGING Improves skin tone, moisturizes, and makes a wonderful facial/body oil
SKIN CONDITIONS Excellent on rosacea, acne prone skin
WEATHER PROTECTION protects against harsh weather conditions
RELIEVES ITCH This pure oil is wonderful on itchy sensitive skin, especially delicate areas
SEXUAL LUBRICANT Argan oil is delicate and makes a wonderful sensual lubricant.


100% Pure Eco-Certified Argan Oil - Our pure oil can be used all over hair, nails, body and sensitive parts.
Argan Moisturizer - A wonderful face cream, or all over body moisturizer. Soothes, calms skin, reduces discolorations, fine lines.
Argan Tamanu Soap - Argan & Tamanu make a delicious cleanser for all over face and body.
Manitouka Scrub - Cleans, exfoliates, sloughs off dead skin cells, unclogs pores. Excellent on acne prone skin, dryness, itchiness, eczema, psoriasis. Can be used gently as a facial or an all over body scrub, or bath soak.
Argan Lip Balm - Alleviates dryness, chapping, cracking. Protects naturally against the weather elements.
Shargan Butter - Contains unique blend of organically grown shea butter & argan oil. Reduces appearances of wrinkles, scars and stretch marks. Combat weather, massage treatment. Excellent on damaged, dry, cracked hands or feet, rough, itchy skin. Conditions and treats hair and scalp.
Argan-Neem Foot Cream - Excellent on all foot issues, dry and cracked skin. Non-comedogenic, allowing skin to breath, regenerate and relax. Soothes itchiness and dryness from fungal conditions.
Retivializing Eye Oil - Argan mixed with Carrot, Sea Buckthorn, Camelia & Rosehip. The perfect quint. Renowned for fine lines, puffiness, and darkness around the eyes.