The Versatility of St John’s Wort

If you research this yellow star shaped flower, you will encountercons as to its usage.  For some, taken internally, it can help with minor depression, a positive feature for many. 

We are interested in its use in skin care. We incorporated st St John's Wort into our Skin Manager as a skin aid, and over the years, our customers have shared the Manager’s wide range of uses.  It is nourishing and restorative. St. John's Wort is best taken in a blend. It is a wonderful aid for oily and sensitive skin types.  St John’s Wort anti-inflammatory properties make it effective for sore and achy muscles.

In the medical world, topical uses for St. John’sWort still seem to be on the back burner.  It does, however, have potential use in medical skin care.  Some studies have been done on wound healing, atopic dermatitis, psoriasis, etc. but no conclusive results seem to be available. Most studies have instead been done on the plant’s internal benefits and or risks.

But there are some reviews as to its benefiting the skin. It can hydrate and soothe the skin andthe natural plumping up of the skin cells does reduce appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.  We always suggest a spot test first (the inside of the wrist is a good place), but our blend is very gentle.  We have had only accolades on the Skin Manager.

Our Skin Manager, a combo of emu oil, black spruce, St John’s Wort, and hemp oil has received many positive testimonials on both its own and as part of our Skin Management Program. Many people see positive changes in their skin once they reduce the chemicals in their daily skin care routine. 

Below is a testimonial on the Skin Management Program, which includes pure Emu oil, Emu Neem soap, Clay Neem and the Skin Manager with St John’s Wort.

“I’ve had sensitive, acne prone skin for years now and tried everything on the market. I found that if it cleared up the pimples, it made me itchy and dry. I decided that in order to have clear skin, it had to dry out. Then it seemed that my make-up was making my skin even worse (powder) but I needed the make-up to cover the blemishes. I contacted Earth to Body because I had such great success with the ESP shampoo and they were SO helpful! I started using the Skin Management Program and I haven’t looked back. My skin looks and feels so much better. I can actually feel it working. Oh, and I no longer use any powder/foundation on my skin. I don’t need it anymore!” Connie, Canada

These properties contribute greatly to the blend which we sell to ‘manage the skin’. Anytime you feel your skin needs soothing, itch reduction and loving care, reach for the Skin Manager.

We have suggestions for vegetarians and vegans as well.  Neem, argan, tamanu. Please do visit us at the shop or shop online.