But then try to find it

Argan oil should NOT be considered just another oil flooding the market. But it is. There are creams, lotions, hair treatments, shampoos, and soaps proudly advertising ‘with argan oil’.  It happens…something really good comes along and the market jumps on the bandwagon. Something too good to be true is an invitation to all. 

We have a history with the pure, the real, argan oil

Back in 2005, when our daughter was manning our Earth to Body booth at the Cavendish mall, we fortunately encountered our indispensable ‘Moroccan connection’, who fell in love with us, our natural, cutting edge skin care line. He liked the fact we were a small family business. We signed on to import the rarely heard of ‘argan oil’ and have been with the same co-op ever since. 

Then ‘Moroccan’ oil hits the market

Most beautiful hair treatment ever! Salons around the country smiled. Moroccan oil could do no wrong. People loved it. And yes, it makes the hair look beautiful. It seems ‘Argan’ oil became synonymous with Moroccan oil. The ingredient ‘Argan’ is the sell, as the oil originates in Morocco. The trees grow there. The nuts are harvested. The pure oil is divine. But the ‘Moroccan’ oil on the market may have very little to do with Morocco. The blend contains 3 different silicones, which are the key to the hair treatment. While the fame is based on the Argan, very little of this oil is actually in the product. Since the silicones have no colour, D&C Yellow 11 and D&C Red 17 are added to emulate the golden hue of real Argan. To attract our sensory stimuli, Fragrance is also added. Three of the chemicals that must be listed (because they are known allergens) are Coumarin, Benzyl Benzoate, Alpha-Isomethyl Ionone.

Today, pure Argan oil may not be that easy to find. Twice Health Canada has inspected our oil for ‘scamming’ (the concern being for purity). We passed.

A few years ago I wrote an article called ‘Ask The Goats’.  Maybe we should do so again, to find out what pure Argan oil means. Our Argan oil is pure. Delightful. Skin, hair, nails. Pure nutrition.