…how much they love to chew the leaves and meaty fruit of the gnarly argan tree, native to Morocco.  Climbing the tree is child’s play, they’ll say, and sometimes as many as 8 or 9 goats will challenge the swaying limbs. They do not seem to care if they damage or destroy the tree, or eat the fruit before it has ripened.  After all, they are goats.

Ask the goats about the succulent argan oil hidden in the inner kernels, and they’ll look down at the Berbers anxiously waiting below.  They will tell you that they can’t digest everything so they poop out the small nuts.  The Berbers are then able to easily crack them open to relish the kernels inside.  That is where the argan oil treasure lies.  But the goats don’t seem to care.

But we do.  We love the miraculous oil on our hair, our nails, our skin.  Rich in omegas and Vitamin A and E, argan oil moisturizes, protects and feeds us.   

We could also thank the goats for playing their part in helping us discover this magic oil from Morocco. Without them, the Berbers may have given up on trying to crack the case.

TODAY most co-ops (like Targanine where Earth To Body gets their oil)  do not ask the goats to help.  The trees are protected not only against damage by these nimble climbers but also against deforestation and desertification. 

Instead of waiting for the goats to do their thing, local women are hired (fair trade co-ops) to help crack open the fruit to retrieve the succulent oils hidden deep inside. The goats are fed the fruit without having to do the climbing. Everyone is happy.

Our argan oil!