Covid Hands. Dry, raw, red, cracked, sometimes bleeding. Many people suffering terribly. Sanitizing with alcohol based cleansers and or wearing gloves for hours on end are heroic deeds executed by heroes.

I received this testimonial from Danette. I do not know where she lives. I do not know what job it is that requires her husband to wear gloves all day long. Perhaps he is a postal worker, a technician, a doctor or a cashier. Perhaps he is a caregiver, a firefighter, an orderly, a food worker, a bus driver, or other frontline job.  Any one of you who masks up, wears gloves and other protective gear will be in need of some soothing comforts when you return home. Hopefully on your down time you can comfort your hands. 

Danette wrote: “Because of Covid my husband has to wear gloves at work and they were bothering his skin. Making his hands itch and get sore.  I suggested he try the zinc cream on his hands. It worked!! He never forgets to put it on now and has since shared it with people he works with.” 

Thank you, Danette, for reminding us how extraordinary zinc can be. This essential mineral is not produced by the body on its own. Most commercial zincs do contain formaldehyde (usually hidden and not apparent on the label). While the zinc itself is good, the latter, while a preservative, may cause further hand angst. If you like the idea of zinc to soothe covid hands, I do suggest you find one free of any added chemicals. Besides ours, there are also DIY recipes online

Soap, as you know, is a major factor in skin care. We have good advice on soap choices. Choose Your Soap Wisely.  Are Your Hands Taking a Hit? Soap or Detergent? Liquid or Bar? Use a real soap when you can and then apply a healthy chemical free product. Earth to Body products include our X Cream, Moisturizing Lotion, Sheamu or Shargan butter.

Mask wearers are also suffering similar symptoms on the face.  Redness, itchiness, dryness. Our zinc blend can successfully be applied to the face too. We also suggest the pure unrefined emu oil, as often as needed.  As businesses reopen, people will, out of respect for others, and themselves, wear masks. For many it will be for a short period, an in and out scenario. But if you are worker on the frontline, you may have to wear one for your entire shift.

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