New rules. Stay home when you can. Separate. Sanitize. Wash often, no less that 20 seconds. Not as easy as it sounds, so best to find a repertoire of fav songs to help master the task. Anything less than 20 seconds, not wise..
How are your hands BTW?  Raw. Dry. Red. The Purells are deemed necessary, but they are harsh. Our hands are taking a hit. We need more creams, lotions, moisturizing butters.

These suggestions might help:

1.Stay away, if possible, from chemical* commercial moisturizers. The chemicals will compound the problem. Compare the ingredients of a typical commercial lotion with our handmade Moisturizing lotion 

Typical Commercial Lotion                  Our handmade ‘Moisturizing Lotion’

Aqua                                                           Distilled Water
Glycerin                                                      Sweet Almond Oil
Stearic Acid                                                Rosewater
Glycine Soja (Soybean) Oil                        Orange flower water
Glycol Stearate                                           Lanette wax
Dimethicone                                               Calendula
Glyceryl Stearate                                       Comfrey
Triethanolamine                                         Aloe vera
Caprylyl Glycol                                           Shea Butter
Cetyl Alcohol                                               Lavender
Phenoxyethanol                                          Emu Oil
Carbomer                                                    Neem Oil
Parfum                                                        Jojoba oil
Hydroxyethylcellulose                                Glycerin                            
Disodium EDTA                                           Apricot Oil                                          
BHT                                                             White Grapefruit Oil                                                                                                
Stearamide AMP                                         Evening Primrose Oil
Ferric Citrate                                               Vitamin E
Copper Gluconate                                       Sweet Orange
Calcium Chloride                                         Lemonseed Extract

It is not an easy task to research all the ingredients. Some ingredients may be Ok, relatively safe, but  on others there are warnings: possible allergic reaction, caution near eyes, not safe for babies, environmental hazard etc. etc.  All this in just one lotion? If you peruse our ingredient list, it reads much better. It is much better. Your hands will love you. We are not the only good homemade natural skin care company in Canada that make natural cosmetics. Shop wisely.

2. Use real soap when possible to complete your hand battle scrub. Your hands will appreciate the escape from the formaldehyde laden liquid nice smelling bubbly lather soaps. If you can tote your own soap with you when you need to venture out, do so. This will mean a bar soap (not the fake soaps that are detergents but real handmade ones) Or a liquid castile works too.

3. At this time, we understand sanitizers with over 60% alcohol are highly recommended. We make no claims that our sanitizer replaces the recommended. You may, however, like to supplement a non-alcohol based sanitizer due to sensitivities or concerns. People do love our All Purpose Sanitizer. If you appreciate the properties of essential oils then you might consider it a viable option and an addition to your regime.  

4. You might also like to try a cream or butter instead of a lotion. Visit our Creams and Lotions section on our website and our Butters and Balms for alternatives.

5. We have just introduced a new product package 'Hands On'.  Save on the trio of soap, lotion and sanitizer.

Most importantly, stay safe. Be well. Elbow bumps and foot hugs. 

*The term chemical in this article does not refer to the scientific term of all 'chemical matter'. We refer to it as ‘a toxin considered unnatural or dangerous when used or consumed’.