It is time to venture outdoors, safely. We know the new rules: moose distance, mask handy, wash, wash and wash again. We can do that. But do not forget the Zinc. Summer and Zinc are synonymous.

Zinc is protection against the sun. I have written often about this important topic and as I do not always agree with the methods of protection offered out there, I do love zinc.

An important excerpt from The Four Seasons of Zinc

We cannot live without the sun’s vitamin D for healthy bones and immune function. I wince when I see small babies and children being lathered with strong commercial sun blocks that totally prevent our Vitamin D absorption. I am not blaming the parent. It is the marketing. We know we must protect, but we are misled has to how. Zinc is a natural healthy way to protect.

Commercial sunscreen ingredients are absorbed into the top layers of the skin, the goal being to filter out the damaging rays of the skin.  Zinc, on the other hand physically BLOCKS the UV light from entering the skin. It acts a barrier. It works right away and you do not have to wait 20 minutes before venturing outside. Chemical sunscreens can irritate the skin. What is wonderful about zinc is that people with sensitive skin, acne, eczema, rosacea all can benefit from using zinc.  We do not know yet if and or how our public pools will be open. Can we lake swim, camp or visit cottages? While the uncertainties prevail, the sun still shines and we still need to be cautious.

Marnie from Comox loves our zinc oxide blend

“I have used this product (Zinc Oxide Blend) for 4 years on my 4 children and myself. We love it. Never have had a burn. My Mum bought a children's sunscreen in 2016 and took the grandkids for a holiday. That "children's" sunscreen ate all four of my kid’s goggles. How can that be good for the skin? My Mum now uses Earth to Body’s zinc. It does not eat goggles." 

Over and above weather protection zinc has notable properties:

Acne does not like zinc
Zinc works like an antioxidant, helping to defend the skin.
Zinc revitalizes, heals and rejuvenates
Scalp woes like dandruff and itchiness subside with zinc
Babies love zinc as a bum balm and adults use it on hemorrhoids

Zinc has its uses both indoors and out.  Now that we are venturing outside more (with caution) don’t forget it.  While we have a few rules to remember, moose, mask, and wash, let us enjoy the application of nature’s mineral gift. You will feel safer.

We sell our Zinc Oxide blend for skin moisturizing, soothing dryness and protection against harsh weather elements. Many people know zinc can be used as a sun block and proceed to do so.