Hopefully we are saying goodbye to ‘winter itch’ now that spring is here,
but don’t put away the zinc yet.  Zinc is all season. 
Zinc works for ‘Winter Itch’. Windy. Cold. Dry. The Grey. Bitter. Dry. The  Damp. Frigid. Dry.

Say goodbye to ‘dry’ weather. The lack of humidity should no longer play havoc on our skin. In winter, do you suffer itchy ear lobes, chin, chest, eyelids? Does your scalp drive you crazy? Or even worse, your BACK? Especially that no-reach zone? Do you find yourself rummaging for a back scratcher in the kitchen, the closet, the basement?  A spatula, spoon, hockey stick, broom, anything to attack that impossible to reach back itch?  

I spied a wooden back scratcher once at Canadian Tire for $2.00. My back was relaxed at the time, but the memory of the frantic attempts to scratch surfaced and spurred me to the cash.  A brilliant move.  My ‘Scratch’ saviour in winter months.

Winter skin can be dry, flaky, itchy, scaly and tight. Zinc Oxide REALLY helps with ‘winter itch.’  Our blend contains no surprises.  We have incredible testimonials for both winter and summer use. Zinc multi-tasks.  For the nighttime itching frenzy, zinc the bad spots before you retire (rub it in well so you do not get it on bedclothes or sheets).  For the back, apply with the scratcher. Zinc might be the alternative to having to wear gloves to bed!

Zinc for Summer Sun. Warm. Revitalizing. Regenerating.  But don’t let your skin get RED.

In winter, we miss the brightness, lightness, the warmth of the sun.  But spring and summer season means continuing to protect our skin.  Start preparing now for the season’s changes

From the inside out:

Good advice here would be to drink plenty of green tea to obtain the necessary immune boosters, antioxidants and anti-inflammatories we need to help protect us from the sun. Good advice would be to consume plenty of coconut oil (like 3 spoonfuls daily!) and good quality olive or avocado oil.  The polyphenols in the green tea (red wine can work too) and the healthy omegas in good fats are a given when considering the best way to nourish the skin from the inside.  And don’t forget to internalize zinc. Eat lots of food containing zinc to nourish your system.  From almonds to oysters to chicken to cheese and more, you have many choices of zinc nourishing foods.

From the outside in:

An oak tree, a sombrero, sunglasses, a parasol are options.  Daily moisturizers containing some healthy SPF (Sun protections factors) like emu, argan, carrot, tamanu, shea, olive, aloe can help under normal sun exposure.  But there are circumstances when we must remember the ZINC. 
Zinc oxide is the ‘not completely-natural-but–pretty close’sun protectant to choose when over-exposure is a possibility.

We cannot live without the sun’s vitamin D for healthy bones and immune function. I wince when I see small babies and children being lathered with strong commercial sun blocks that totally prevent our Vitamin D absorption. I am not blaming the parent. It is the marketing. We know we must protect, but we are misled has to how. Zinc is a natural healthy way to protect. Winter and Summer.

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