When you find a scrub that just does it all, well, life just seems to be perfect.

Whenever I visit a friend or we take a vacation together, I always bring my box of goodies.

Soaps, creams, butters, mask, and of course the Manitouka Scrub. The one that makes the Spa Day!  it such a beautiful product that fills all the rough spots all over the body and can be used in a lake, or a spa, or even just a hose outside.

That’s what we did.  We took a long hot sauna and then ran out to the hose where we put the scrub all over our bodies, then hosed ourselves down with cold water. Our skin was literally glowing. Slippery and soft and so pure. We were cold so we raced back into the sauna, slathering the Spoil Me Body Oil all over us.  We couldn’t get enough of it.  We were moaning with such happiness.  Who knows what we sounded like.  We didn’t care for a second.

Another time we travelled up north to a cottage and traipsed down to the lake with the charcoal soap, clay mask and Manitouka Scrub.  It was amazing to do it all in the lake. Fresh, clean water with such beautiful Earth to Body products.  Our skin was just perfect. 

First, we washed head to toe with the detoxing, Charcoal Clay soap.  Then we made a Clay-Neem mask with the fresh lake water and plastered the mask all over us. Normally, I just do the face, but why not do the whole body?  We are jumping into the lake after anyway.  Amazing.

We waited a few minutes for the mask to set while sipping margaritas, then jumped into the clean water to dissolve the clay.  Felt so good.

Then came the scrub. The pure salts mixed with the beautiful oils all over our body was such a great detox, so clean and fresh.  We` dove into the lake, the salts floated away as we lay there letting the water take all the bad and leave the good.  We both felt so refreshed and hydrated after.  It was unbelievable.  We plan to do it every time we are together. Even in our bathing suits in a shower, if the lake is not available. Why not? Feels good and we are like ‘new moms’ after our spa day. Try it. You won’t regret it.

by Heidi Shannon