When I was a little girl and busy playing chef in the kitchen, my mom used to let me stuff the clove buds into the scored back rind of the ham. The ham itself scared me a bit, but I felt the power poke of the clove and all was OK with my duty. The smell was intoxicating. 

Today, if ham is on the menu, we always prepare it with cloves. I look at them a little differently now and appreciative the powerhouse that they are.  To consume, yes, but also on the skin. A main interest of Earth to Body’s skin care.

Clove oil comes from the leaf, the bud and the stem. It is concentrated and should be diluted or blended when applying to the skin.  Because we formulate all of our recipes from scratch clove is a choice in our All-Purpose Sanitizer, Argan-Neem Foot Cream, Manuka Mouth Freshener and Tooth Ceanser. 

We have a goal in mind when we design a product. And it is pretty amazing what clove can do.

Clove oil has antiseptic and anti-bacterial properties and is known to fight yeast infection (not uncommon in one’s mouth), help treat acne, soothe irritated skin and aids in the healing of cuts, wounds and bites. 

There are many DIY recipes using clove oil that you might like to check out. We do not sell the pure oil, but you can find it on the market. Dilute it per the instructions and then patch test (the inside of your wrist is a good spot).

You may prefer to try products that do contain clove, ready to go. We believe you will love all of our clove containing products mentioned above. We know the addition of the clove has contributed greatly to their success.   

The delectable clove. Love it.