Raw honey or fake honey? A good question. Raw is good. Fake is not. Chances are, even if you buy a honey that says honey, pure honey, looks like honey, tastes like honey and the price is right, it may not be real honey. It may be the fake version that is crowding 22% of the Canadian market. The price is one good indicator.  Real honey costs more.

How can you tell the difference? Fake honey is uniform, thin and completely clear. The raw honey, the legitimate one, can vary in texture and colour. This is typical of a natural substance.  It can be light, thick, sticky, crystalline and more expensive. One simple test is to put some of the questionable honey in water. Fake honey dissolves. Real honey will sink to the bottom.

Fake honey is cut with corn syrup, rice or sugar cane syrup and then imported as pure honey. The Canadian Food Inspection agency has found tons of fake honey on the market.

We encourage you to buy real Canadian honey, not only for its health benefits but also to encourage and support our Canadian beekeepers and our bees. They are having a hard time competing with the fake.  Another excellent choice is to buy New Zealand’s Manuka Honey. It is considered exceptional and medicinal.  The downside may be the cost.  But it is worth it.

Fake honey is a concern.  It does nothing for your health except contribute to sugar related illnesses. Raw, real honey is nutritious, amazingly antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant. 

As a skin care company, you may ask why we should care about your honey purchases? Over and above the fact that consuming fake honey will contribute to less healthy skin, we care about the topical application of honey. Like in mixing honey with our clay neem to make a honey facial or poultice. Or, like the honey we add to our Tooth Cleanser

We choose Canadian raw honey from Ontario’s Heavenly Honey. This real, raw honey contributes to the overall health of the mouth and teeth. We add manuka oil, from the same manuka plant that the New Zealand bees forage to produce honey.  

Invest in healthy oral care by using a cleanser and Mouth Freshener that truly cares about your well-being. 

No matter the end goal of your honey, buy Canadian raw or Manuka. Avoid the fake.