A testimonial from Lynne, BC

“Our 90-year-old mom had chemotherapy 3 years ago and developed numbness in her fingers.
She began using your Soothing Oil every night and has now regained feeling in her fingers. She swears by this product!”

Thank you, Lynne. I know your mom first tried our soothing oil after her chemo when she was 89.  You wrote to say that she had been unable to make a fist, but after applying the soothing oil, she could.  We thank you for the update and are so pleased your mom is having such a positive experience. Kudos to the elderly for their courage.

A healthy massage oil can do wonders:  relaxing the muscles, tendons and increasing the blood and lymph circulation.  Massage oils help, providing a soothing glide and if the oils are chosen carefully, they also supply healthy nutrients to the area in distress.

A few years ago, when we first started making our Soothing Oil, a young man entered our booth and asked us if we had something that might help his 2 middle fingers that were numb. My first thought was the pure emu oil. But I then suggested he might try our new massage Soothing Oil blend with emu oil, eucalyptus, peppermint, MSM and neem oil. A stressed area can be reduced through massage and that was the intention of the blend. He opted for the Soothing Oil. I explained that he must shake the mixture well to incorporate the MSM and to ignore the slight gritty feel.  In less than an hour, he returned to report a difference in his fingers. His finger wiggles elicited smiles all around.

I know many of our customers prefer to use a gentle natural massage oil rather than medication. I wanted to share these testimonials with you. Perhaps if you try our Soothing Oil, you too will find success.

Earth to Body’s Soothing Oil can be massaged into temples to relieve stress, arthritic joints, sore muscles…any area of the body where a gentle oil massage is needed.  It is a wonderful relaxant.

(We have had positive testimonials on our unrefined emu oil, as it is well known in the ‘nurturing world of nature’ that emu oil is a natural anti-inflammatory. It helps soothe many skin issues and was first introduced to us from a biochemist who was working with scleroderma patients here on the south shore, Montreal, Quebec. These patients were undergoing skin graftings and felt incredible relief with the emu oil as part of their recovery. While we sell emu oil for moisturizing and soothing the skin, many know it also for its extraordinary other benefits.)

Chose either the of the pure Unrefined Emu Oil or the blended Soothing Oil