Lemongrass Essential Oil. The real thing, not the synthetic version. Fresh. Citrus blossom scent. Magic in every drop.  Added to a favourite carrier oil, or to a blend like our lavender linen spray satisfies many needs.  

A customer called recently to share her experience with our lemongrass. 

“I’ve experimented a little with your wonderful products. After stopping by your store and speaking to your staff (son-in-law) about adding Lemongrass to a few of your products I gave it a try.  I added several drops of Lemongrass Essential Oil to your Zinc Oxide while on holiday and it worked like a charm, not only did we have coverage from the sun, it kept the day time pests at bay. I’ve also added it to your Lavender Linen spray to use as a repellent; we were very pleased with the results. As a gardener, my season is about to start and these products will be in my backpack with a little L.E.O. mixed in. The Emu Lip Balm will be carried around as well.”  Thank You, CNH

Thank you, Cynthia for your suggestions. A great idea to add a few drops of lemongrass to our zinc oxide (mix in the palm of your hand) to provide the required weather protection and also serve as a desired repellant.  A two in one. 

We often advise travelling with the lavender linen spray.  It serves as a freshener, disinfectant and with the addition of 3-4 drops of lemongrass, as a repellant.   Another great idea.

And do not forget your pooch. As dog lovers, we are always concerned when our beloved pet is battling the annual insect invasion. A few drops of lemongrass in a carrier oil like olive, argan, coconut can be rubbed on and around the belly and fur to help deter the pests.  Rub or spray on the dog’s collar too. Whether you wash your dog yourself or have the groomer manage the task, lemongrass can be added to the shampoo.  

We purposely added no essential oils to our butters.  We want you to be able to do this yourself, depending on the purpose or goal.  If you do decide on lemongrass, a few drops to our Sheamu or Shargan butter helps to further relax and tone the skin. Lemongrass also detoxifies and has antifungal properties. If you decide to give your hair a shea butter treatment, the added lemongrass essential oil benefits the hair as well.

Lemongrass not only has one of the most pleasant scents and always seems to elicit a smile, it is also a most rewarding addition to your natural skin care routine.