Close your eyes and imagine a world where women grow old gracefully and naturally, where the female captivates the respect that men gain with the inevitability of aging. Imagine fine lines and wrinkles symbolize a collection of accrued wisdom, drawn from decades of maturation. Each white hair grows from a daily struggle, mastered determination and wild experience. The elderly stand proud in their aging bodies and minds. The young flock to them to listen to their stories, absorb their wisdom and feel the energy only seized by skilled practice and patience acquired by time.

There are no botox injections, plastic surgery, breast augmentation, cosmetic alterations of the face or body of any kind, for there is no need. We no longer view our bodies as a purely aesthetic art board to paint and alter and modify. There exists not one over-priced cream filled to the brim with chemicals and lies to "firm and reverse aging". 

Imagine stretch marks symbolize badges of honour representing the delicate and tender germination of new life that only a mother can empower. Cellulite is revered as the proud growth of nourishment and prosperity. We allow our bodies to swell or shrink, stretch and fall as our minds grow, flourish and expand into an awareness and maturity that only acceptance can grant us.

Oh wouldn't this be nice? How empowering it would be, not to mention less stressful and less expensive!

Unfortunately our culture does not rever the act of aging. Instead we fight the process, sometimes spending every last dollar, every last bit of energy on trying to change this naturally occurring phenomenon. Can we not collectively adopt a new frame of mind, or bits and pieces at least? To reject the social conditioning of aging as an "ugly" anomaly requires a change of perspective. Let's instead adopt a new found acceptance and beatification of the aging body, as we grow into a life deserving of wisdom and respect, with wrinkles, cellulite, white hair and all!

I am not certain of the short and long term effects of chemical and high tech treatments, but I have a feeling they can backfire from the look of some celebrities.

I DO know that Emu Oil is our favourite natural “Forever Young” serum.

Emu Oil is the closest in molecular structure to human oil.

Packed with essential fatty acids, emu oil is high in omega-3, 6, and 9 fatty acids which are known to help reduce inflammation and may also help relieve signs of scaring, wrinkles and blemishes by nourishing and moisturizing skin cells. Also high in vitamin A, (an antioxidant and essential nutrient) emu oil is an excellent skin toner, acne fighter and popular in anti-aging creams!

Grow old gracefully. Naturally. With Emu Oil products. 


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