Chia seeds.  High in antioxidants, omegas and protein. Perhaps you have added chia seeds to a smoothie, a stir-fry, salad or cereal. Knowing chia helps with digestion, it is a wise consumable choice, but chia is also nutritious on the skin.

Chia’s oil is naturally anti-inflammatory and calming to the skin. Also contributing are chia’s anti-oxidant richness, helping to restore the skin’s vital moisture.  The skin’s redness diminishes and so do the appearance of wrinkles. 

Earth to Body DIY Chia facial mask

Start with our Clay Neem base. On its own, we have often been told this clay neem is the best face mask ever tried. But for a gourmet touch, add a touch of little lemon juice and chia seeds to the mask. (Without our clay base and water blend, you can make a lemon and chia mask with a good oil instead, like argan or melted coconut.)

An Earth to Body DIY Chia hair mask

Start with a couple of tbsp. of our organic Apple Cider Vinegar Hair Rinse, with added parsley, rosemary and sage, A 1/2 cup or so of raw unpasteurized honey and 1 tsp or so of chia seeds and viola, you have an revitalizing hair mask. (Without our hair rinse, use your own organic acv)

Chia in our Facial Scrub is Ready to Go

No DIY.  Our Manitouka Scrub, for face and body is made for you. Chia and all. It is a salt scrub, thus requiring a gentle touch when using as a facial. The results are exemplary.  I love what the salts do. The absorption of minerals and healing powers of real sea salt should never be diminished. The manuka oil in our scrub, a relative of Tea Tree, is 33 times higher antibacterial than Tea Tree.  Along with the argan and apricot kernel this scrub is truly supreme. The gentle chia seeds are the pièce de résistance.

Sometimes opening up a kitchen cupboard door to explore options can be a creative and fun experience. No need to spend $121.00 on a fancy scrub or $75.00 for a facial mask when you can resort to shopping at home.  Assuming, of course, you have fresh healthy ingredients on hand. There are many DIY skin care recipes ideas out there. Shopping with us is always a wise option. We have nutritious products to which you can further enhance with some of your own favs.

Knowing that many commercial products may contain harmful ingredients not healthy on the skin or environment, it is wise to stay simple. Cheers for Chia.