A vegan alternative to our beloved Emu Oil for burns, Aloe Vera has been around our homes for as long as we can remember. This plant contains a soothing gel hidden within its thick green spiky leaves. For any type of burn, we run to the plant and break off a leaf, extracting the cool, soothing goodness. We believe every household should have an aloe plant!

Recently, we are noticing quite the explosion of aloe products out there. Gels, juices, supplements, oils, powders for health and digestion. Creams, lotions, masks, hair products... the cosmetic industry is having a field day with this one. The reason for the marketing schemes are due to the expanding awareness of aloe's remarkable benefits. Big business is attempting to catch our eye and cash in on our naiveté. As with all commercial products, don't be fooled by the labels that read 'Made with Aloe'. Chances are, the amount of real aloe is minuscule (if any) and that this fancy bottle is chock-full of chemicals instead. Read the ingredients!

If you want to save money and reap aloe's long list of benefits, your best bet is to go straight to the source and grow your own! It's super easy and looks so cute on the window ledge.


As a MOISTURIZER aloe contains vitamins, minerals, amino acids, skin-brightening vitamin C and antioxidants that can strengthen and protect the skin.

For SUNBURN, aloe gel soothes, accelerates healing and relieves pain due to it's anti-inflammatory properties.  Aloe contains sugars, such as acemannan, so it helps to bind moisture to the skin, aiding in treating the dryness that often accompanies excess sun exposure.

Great for ACNE, aloe contains antifungal and antibacterial compounds and ingredients that help unclogs pores.

SKIN CONDITIONS: Aloe vera helps reduce inflammation, dryness and itch, wonderful for eczema and psoriasis.

OTHER: People use aloe for a variety of uses including saving cream, exfoliant, lubricant, bug bite remedy, rinses greasy hair, hair gel, face mask, foot mask for dry feet, makeup removal, mouth wash to remove dental plaque, soothe canker sores. The list goes on! 

Always start with a patch test on your arm to make sure you don't have any allergic reactions. If all is good, lather up!

Earth to body incorporates real aloe vera gel to a number of our products. Check them out.

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