The light warned yellow. Our traffic lanes obediently cruised to a stop and I did a double take at my neighbouring Masked Rider.  “Do we have to wear a mask while driving?” I thought. 

Some people are wearing masks 8-10 hours a day. Mandatory or choice. 

Mask wearing is both a new psychology and physiology. We have a recent addition to the urban dictionary: MASKNE: the skin irritation resulting from having to wear a mask for long stretches. 

Sore pressure ulcers or rashes can be caused by the tightly sealed ‘small particle’ prohibitor N95. Less irritating is the ‘droplet protecting’ surgical mask, but redness and acne can surface bigtime. The normal cloth masks are also causing issues. 

Fight this masked contender with the best skin nutrition possible: 

Real soaps
Apple cider vinegar wash
Non-alcohol toner
Unrefined emu oil.The best defense.
For vegans: pure argan

Beware of what is out there and what may be recommended for Commercial soaps, washes and gels contain alcohol and formaldehyde plus. Not good for the skin at any time, but mask wearing tires and worsens the skin. Especially acne and rosacea prone. 

Toners and astringents that contain alcoholare mega drying and further aggravate maskne. Sadly, many recommended products often contain harmful ingredients like salicylic acid.  I came across one recommendation that included: petrolatum, sorbitol, cetearyl alcohol, propylene glycol, ceteareth-20, PEG-30 stearate, sorbic acid and more.

I can’t imagine putting this ointment onto any skin ever, but maskned skin? Ceteareth-20, for example should definitely NOT be used on damaged skin. Petroleum, although deemed ‘safe’ by itself, is actually quite contaminated, thus toxic.  The other listed ingredients don’t get any better.

What to do?

*makes sense to wash your mask often
Rid the fabric of the skin’s oils, germs, balms, creams, makeup. 

*the only way to go is pure soap
You will feel the difference right away. Avoid the detergent commercial bars. Avoid washes and gels. The ‘all natural’ claim is often very deceptive. Any fragrance or alcohol should be listed. If you see it, avoid the product.  Our all natural soaps and shampoo barswill keep the skin clean and fed well with good nutrition.

*your skin is happy when its PH is normal
-Breathing and talking into a mask increases moisture that alters the skin’s PH resulting in increased bacteria growth causing maskne. After cleansing with our shampoo bar, I squirt our Apple Cider Vinegar Rinse not only on the scalp but also face at least 2-3 times a week. You can make your own acv mix of 1:3 or 1:4 organic acv to water.  

-An alcohol-free toner also maintains a normal PH.
Use before, during and after wearing the mask. When you take a mask break at work, spritz your face. You will be refreshed and normalize the skin’s PH.  Our Facial Toner contains Vitamin B3 (niacinamide)which aids in the production of proteins to help retain water in the skin and help reduce any maskne causing oils. 

*Moisturize only with pure GOOD oils or chemical free creams. 
The best is unrefined emu oil. It is masterful. Do not be frightened of the word oil. A good oil DOES NOT CLOG nor does it cause skin problems. The opposite happens. The skin is revitalized.  Alternatives to oil are face creams, made from scratch, NOT from purchased commercial bases. Emu, argan and tamanu will do the trick. 

We offer good heathy products to help you. Wash with the soap. Rise and spritz with the toner. Apply the emu oil. Emu Oil is a major player. The name Maskne is new. The nutrition is not.