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Newborns and sensitive skin are a given.  Keeping baby’s skin healthy is an important consideration.

We believe in natural baby skin care.  We believe less is more. A newborn needs minimal in body lotions and creams.  Most experts advise to avoid drying baby powders, perfumes, dyes, phthalates, and parabens.

Most newborn babies do not need immediate skin care.  It is often advised to not even bathe a newborn for the first week.  Baby’s skin, if dry and flaky, most often will shed itself.  Nature at work.  The diaper area needs cleansing, of course. Warm water alone and/or a natural soap are best.  Our baby castile soap could not be better in its simplicity.

When ‘all body’ ready, use healthy oils. Olive oil has always been a positive choice, but if that is your choice, choose a good one.  Olive oil is so popular there are many less nutritious ones out there.  I prefer pure argan, coconut, shea and emu oil. Did you know that the native Australian aboriginals gently apply emu oil to a new baby’s skin, as a celebration of the baby’s birth? The emu has been a bird of survival for them, thus a bird of worship.  Many countries are fortunate to have prized oil. Morocco: argan oil. Greece: olive. Africa: shea.  Pacific Islands: coconut

Sometimes the baby needs extra help. The human skin is not perfect.  Baby may have rashes, bumps, eczema, diaper area issues. Adjusting to a new environment is a challenge. There are healthy suggestions to help treat diaper rash, prickly heat, pimples, cradle cap, and eczema.

We offer our Organic Baby Package  

All pure.  Neem may not be that prevalent on the market but it is an incredibly wise choice.  As a baby diaper area solution, you will be amazed.  It is soothing on the skin and can be used on extreme dryness and cracked skin. Our baby neem salve is gentle enough for newborns. After 6 months, our regular neem salve can be used.

Commercial baby wipes can be chemically laden.  Our lavender linen spray not only works beautifully as a wipe, but also seconds as a calming influence when spritzed in the room. Baby wipes are a necessity of convenience but you may wisely choose to avoid the commercial ones. There are recipes online to make your own, but since time is an issue with a new baby, shop at a health food store for wipes or try our lavender linen spray with a damp cloth.

Babies love to be held, cuddled and massaged.  Our oil blend of sunflower, jojoba and evening primrose is gentle massage oil. The blend is essential oil free, as a newborn’s regime is best kept simple.  You might wish to add a favourite baby-recommended essential oil later on, but at the beginning, simple works best.

Our Organic Baby Package contains the four products mentioned above: Baby Castile Soap, Baby Lavender Rose Spray, Baby Love Organic Oil and Baby Neem Salve.  All can be purchased separately when needed.