therapeutic grade essential oils healing benefits frankincense

Frankincense, (aka olibanum) an aromatic resin retrieved from the boswellia trees in India, has been highly revered since ancient times as a sacred medicine. As an incense, it was burned to ward off negative energy in temples, churches and used for sacred rituals. Modern research is discovering its anti-inflammatory and hepatoprotective properties to be beneficial in treating serious illnesses, including cancer! No wonder it has been called 'The Father of All Essential Oils'.  Although our ORGANIC FRANKINCENSE ESSENTIAL OIL is of a pure therapeutic quality, we offer suggestions here for external use only.

Here are a few ways you can incorporate this medicinal oil into your daily routine. 

Immune Booster

Prevent infections, airborne viruses & bacteria by diffuse or rubbing oil into temples, wrists or soles of feet. 


Great for wounds, stretch marks, scars, wrinkles, anti-aging & acne remedy. Feel free to dilute in coconut, Emu, Argan, Tamanu or one of our butters (Sheamu and Shargan), or other favourite carrier oil.

Inflammation & Pain 

Massage into temples for headaches & migraines or other affected areas to decrease inflammation and pain, rheumatism or arthritis

Relieve Stress

A few drops in your bath to increase feelings of peace and relaxation. Diffuse for meditation, prayer and yoga.

Household Cleaner

Has been used for spiritual cleaning rituals to ward of negative energy. Add a few drops to a spray bottle filled with water & use to disinfect.

Memory & Brain Function

Rub into the back of the neck, under the nose to stimulate the mind, focus energy & improve concentration

Respiratory Health 

Diffuse and take deep breathes or rub into chest

The aroma is woody, earthy, sweet, fruity, warm & spicy... perfect for the holidays.