Holiday Season is the perfect time to freshen up the pooch. Now we that are all on board with natural shampoos... Well, most of us hopefully... We can begin to get our dogs chemical free as well! Shampoo Bars are the best way to clean your dogs coat without the mess and toxicity of liquid shampoos. See our article on Zero Waste Shampoo


1. Wet dog thoroughly using warm water.

2. Rub the bar directly on your wet dog's coat.

3. Massage into a foamy lather, avoiding the eyes.

4. And Rinse!

5. We also recommend the Apple Cider Vinegar Hair rinse to wash away odour, residue and let's face it... sometimes FILTH from our special friend's fur. Simply squirt pooch from head to tail and rinse with warm water.

6. Massage a dry towel through pet's fur and give lots of love and kisses. Feel and smell the clean, healthy and easy natural way!

It was over 6 years that we posted the story Tuxedo Meets Pepé Le Pew. Our wonderfully inquisitive Lab/Border collie mix did have a thing for skunks. In the story we relate how, after a disastrous encounter between canine and skunk, the shampoo  bar and rinse saved us all. The now ‘lucky’ Tuxedo ended up squeaky clean and we, the cleaners, did not have to deal with the usual tomato juice fiasco as a solution. The latter is not the best solution by the way.

Also Available...

Emu Oil and Neem Salve are health alternatives for your pets' aliments. Skin conditions, weather elements you name it... emu and neem are your pet saviors!

Wishing you all a very Happy Holiday Season