“Please don’t open”, I begged the suite door to our adjoining rooms. “Be well, my daughters.”. I was in the claws of a severe food poisoning that night and was sick beyond any nightmare I could have imagined. Day number 3 at our Cuban resort.

Thankfully, the door remained silent. In the morning, my husband summoned the doctor for me.  

“Where did you get this arsenal?” he exclaimed, as he perused my lineup of bedside aids: liquid minerals, grapefruit, ginger and charcoal. "Yes, I had used the grapefruit seed extract in my water. Yes, I had taken the charcoal.” 

After insisting on a shot of gravel to calm the nausea, he then mixed my mineral drops in a litre of water and made me promise to consume the entire blend.  He assured me that the charcoal would clean me out, the electrolytes restore the balance and in a few hours, I would be back swimming in blue waters under Cuban sunny skies.

While charcoal is the remnant of the destructive, dangerous and devastating fires our forests often encounter, charcoal itself is constructive and life sustaining. Charcoal is natural and there is no man-made remedy that can compare to its healing powers. We do not have to search for the natural ‘wildfire’ charcoals as was done in the past. Today, activated charcoal can be made by treating charcoal with steam or hot air. The pores created provide a greater surface area for absorption of the toxins, which is most desirable. Activated charcoal can be found in our emergency hospital wards and clinics to be ingested by poisoned victims.  

Carcoal is also magic on the external.

Charcoal can be made into poultice or masks. It cleans the pores by removing dirt from the skin and can help in to control acne, soothe insect bites, reduce fungal conditions, etc.   A paste can be applied anywhere on the body as needed. Make your own charcoal paste.

In a small glass or pottery dish mix
1 tsp water
1 tsp aloe vera gel*
2 tablets of charcoal*

Extras if desired: emu oil, clay neem

*available at Health food store


Because we understand the magic of charcoal, we have included it in two of our skin care products.
Charcoal Clay Soap:  An all over body and face cleanser.  As a shampoo, charcoal washes away the toxins and volumizes the hair. Cleanses the Scalp. A great duo with our Apple Cider Vinegar rinse.
Tooth Cleanser: Charcoal helps whiten the teeth, clean and protect.

Planning to travel:  Include activated charcoal capsules in your travel kit for the just in case ‘tourista’.   Our soap and tooth cleanser are eco-friendly travel companions.

Staying home: Keep charcoal in your ‘health’ chest or cabinet.  You never know when you will need the ‘black power’internally.  And remember, Charcoal is always magic on the skin.