Had a rough year? Does it help to know you aren't the only one? Some days may be so bad you couldn't care less about the rest of the world. We get it. We've had those days too. Thank goodness the end is in sight. By the spring/summer, we hope to be back to a ‘normal’. Or hopefully a better normal, but a normal without cumbersome masks and difficulty breathing. A normalcy of being able to hug friends and family and not being deprived of the necessity of closeness and physical affection! just around the corner! Hang in there.

Until then, let's take advantage of a quiet slow holiday. No hosting parties. No exhausting festivities. No up and out.

If you are an introvert, you are probably relishing in the idea of spending time at home alone. "Oh darn, no party?" Tee Hee, Happy inside.

Extroverts, you may require a little more time with your bubble or video chatting to fill you up.

Either way, we are going to take advantage of a quiet slow winter. Self-care is eminent. The stress we've endured globally has shaken us up, but there's been an incredible uplifting shift of healing and self-love. Can you feel it? We are taking better care of ourselves. We are looking within our mind bodies for answers instead of getting dizzy with the to-do's and people to see and work to be done.

And that's not to say that this shift is easy. Quit the opposite. It can inevitably bring up difficult emotions we aren't used to feeling. Without the distractions, we are left to reflect and ponder our inner world. What do I need? What do I feel? What makes me happy?

De-stressing is at the top of the list this season. It's the Self-Care and Wellness Holiday. Facials, hot baths, lavender scents and self-love. Pick up your journal and write out your feelings. Dig deep and discover what makes you tick. What am I trying NOT to feel? What intentions am I willing to bring forth for the new year? What is truly important to me?

Self-inquiry is an important tool to move forward in our lives and in this crazy world with authenticity, truth and love. Spending time alone this holiday may not be easy, but here are some ideas of how to sink into your body and connect with your inner you.

Destress Ideas:

Walking in Nature

Earth to Body offers:

Lavender (anti-anxiety)
Patchouli (stress release)
Essential Oil Collection

Spa Day/Night
Clay Neem
Dead Sea Salt Spa
Manitouka Scrub

Self-Massage (or ask someone!)
Spoil Me Body Oil
Sheamu Butter
Shargan Butter

This year has been rough. Understatement. But upon reflection, can breaking down lead to breaking through?
Can we self-love our society into a better 2021?

Yes, we can